The Gift of Trouble Sight and Summer Bookish Delight

BookCon was rich in poetry. That made me happy. There were poetry panels (one with Amanda Lovelace, author of The Witch Doesn’t Burn in this One), poetry booths, poetry signings, even a blackout poetry section. Rommy and I were all smirks and wows (I would’ve been all grins and delighted cackles, but my stitched-up jaw wasn’t in the mood for overly expressive displays of mirth).

I got lots of swag (I shall show you in a bit). I am a bookish swag lover. Not just because free books are magic, but because its one of the ways in which I end up reading books I would’ve never picked up on my own. Since one can never have enough books (and my jaw hurt, so some distraction was in order), my Piano Man and I stopped by the thrift shop and… *drum roll please* I found a copy of Billy Fog, Volume 1: The Gift of Trouble Sight, for a couple of dollars.

I had never seen the series before. But it was love at first creepy murderous kid sight. Here are three pieces that made me giggle darkly:

“She was often found
in the kitchen, curled up
in a drawer, among enormous knives
with razor-sharp blades.”


“The little killer was very quiet and cooperative.
In the mornings, she carried out
her theory exercises diligently.”


“No scientist could ever hope to find
a better subject for study!
What curious composure!
What an unfathomable obsession!”


I added Billy Fog to the wee list I created to join Khaya Ronkainen’s Summer Reading Challenge. You can see the full list here, if you wish. And, of course, I will be adding a few more from my BookCon booty. All the poetry, for sure.

So, my Wicked Luvs, what are you reading this summer? What was the last book you just couldn’t keep your book-loving-self from acquiring? Share your bookish yum with me (yep, my royal bastard of a jaw still needs distracting).


29 thoughts on “The Gift of Trouble Sight and Summer Bookish Delight”

  1. Oh wow wow loving that Billy Fog I have never heard of it before but will look out for it now. fabulous and just up my street. I wonder what is wrong with your jaw ?

    Also just to mention my new blog is much darker and more fun so will you please add to follow me there. I set it up yesterday its called A LOT LESS ORDINARY

    Hugs June x

  2. I don’t really have any particular book reading planned. Although I did just pick up an incredibly in-expensive copy of “The Romanov Sisters” by Helen Rappaport.

    I’m sorry your jaw is still hurting. Hope you feel better soon.

  3. Wow, what a lot of swag you scored! And that “Billy Fog” book is clearly RIGHT UP YOUR ALLEY!

    At the moment I’m about halfway through Madeline Miller’s new novel “Circe,” which is a retelling of the ancient Greek myth about the sorceress/witch who detained Ulysses on her island for 10 years. It’s a wonderful read so far! I adored her first novel “The Song of Achilles,” another retelling of a Greek myth about the warriors/ lovers Achilles and Patroclus, which is one of the most beautifully written books I’ve ever read. She has mastered “show, don’t tell” in an incredibly profound way.

    • Yes, it is! I couldn’t believe I hadn’t know it was out there. But now that we found each other, we shall delight in creepy mayhem for hours and hours. 😀

      I read The Song of Achilles at your suggestion some years ago. Now it lives in my reread shelf. I absolutely love it. Madeline Miller is brilliant, so… of course, I just added Circe to my list.

  4. Oh, yay to more poetry reading! Though I must admit, I’m a bit green with envy; all that poetry and other wonderful things you got from Bookcon. Absolute delight!

    Thanks Maga for reading with me. And I hope you get some relief soon from your hurting jaw. <3

    • It was such a delight to see so much poetry at BookCon, Khaya. In the past, it was strange to find a poetry book or two in the indie section, or a title or two by very known poets, but contemporary poetry everywhere? Nope, not really. So I almost did a little dance. All right, I probably did dance. 😀

      Thank you for the reading invite. And for the healing wishes. My jaw is back to being nice.

  5. LOL, we have quite a bit of overlap on our summer reading, seeing as how we went roving around the same con and picked up a lot of the same spoils of war. I’m also doing Khaya’s challenge. First up was We Have Always Lived in a Castle which was creepily awesome. I’m reading the Spanish translation of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone now as well as The Red of His Shadow by Mayra Montero (both of them fit the translated work requirement). I’m sifting through the spoils to see what will come next. I don’t remember if I had the foresight to grab an indie book as Khaya asked us to do. If I didn’t I’ll ask around for recommendations.

    I’m glad we were able to hang out this weekend in spite of your jaw being a bastard. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it will settle down soon.

  6. wowness..beautiful treasure trove of books. ooh..that sounds like such fun, wish I was there hunting and exploring too..I would be devouring the books and taking them home! Thank you for sharing Billy Fog, (what a sublime book cover)..sounds like my kind of thing..delightfully creepy!
    Hugs, hope your jaw feels better soon!
    Have a sweet night

    • Billy Fog is a mixture of creepy, cute and startling sprinkled with bits of social commentary. I’m in love with it. And as the cover suggests, the art inside is magnificent.

      Maybe, one of these days we’ll conquer BookCon together!

      Thanks so much for the healing wishes, my sweet Victoria.

  7. Those illustrations are perfect! I had never heard of that Billy Fog previously, so, we both discovered a treasure on your swag day 😜 hope your jaw chomping painlessly soon and pleased PM and Rommy were there to help with the haul!

    • This book is so good that I’ve been putting it aside, so that I can reward myself after I complete some work that must get done. All right, maybe I cheated once or thrice and took a wee look, but… can you blame me? Have you seen the size of those butcher knives? I mean, there is a panel where a seamstress manages to stab both her eyeballs with one set of scissors at the same time! Yes, she’s obviously gifted.

      My Piano Man was the best, as always–carrying my books, giving me kisses, letting me sneakingly grope him in public *hehehe*. Rommy was a riot. The only complain I have is that she kept on making me laugh, so I had to hold my face to keep from popping a stitch, lol! I think she was doing it on purpose. 😜

  8. Never heard of it, but the cover, specifically, is fantastic.

    I don’t think I could do a reading challenge. I never can predict how much I’m going to read in a season, and a challenge would probably just stress me out.

    I might have some issues, as that previous sentence clearly demonstrates.

    • I’m a bit a of a cheat, when it comes to reading challenge, since I never truly challenge myself. I just refuse to ever attached reading–one of the most relaxing activities in the world–to anything that could even imply stress. So, I never add more books than I know I will read. And if I don’t like a book, well… I replace it with another, lol! Reading challenges are a good way to read with friends. And since we are reading with friends, we all know is fun and not a chore. At least, that’s how it should be.

  9. I’m so sorry your jaw is still plaguing you! ❤

    The Billy Fog book looks fangtastic!!! I’ll have to investigate that further.

    It’s wintry and cold here now and I’ve been reading the Whistlebrass Horror series, which is for teens technically, but it’s so perfectly cozy and creepy for this kind of weather.

    • Billy Fog is a whole series, originally written in French. I haven’t been able to find translations of the other books, but I’m looking *fingers crossed*.

      I just checked out The Whistlebrass Horror. I’m pretty sure I just fell in love with the cover of the first book in the series. Now, I have to read it. How you twist my arm!

  10. My reading seems restricted to blogger and FB at the moment…but what treasures I find here ;)…and I am so jealous that you got to June’s dark blog before me lol *I am sharpening my knives* XXX

    • I told my book about your desires, and it told me that if you two are to date each other, then in person it must be. It said something about your eyes and it might’ve winked, too, but… since it has no eyeballs of its own, I can’t be sure. 😀

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