The Power of a Scar

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59 thoughts on “The Power of a Scar”

  1. Gorgeous…deeply soulful and profoundly beautiful. I believe scars are very magical too..they carry such power and history and emotion and transformation. I absolutely love your visual art. This whole post fills me with power, healing and magical vibes…thank you!

  2. Powerful… there is magic in these words, there is healing, a scar embraced, no shame, a living reminder of past and survival… as always, presented as a perfect package ❤️❤️❤️ Thank you Ms Wicked… perfecto 👏👏👏

  3. scars are gateways to the stars … where the cold delight either washes anew, or sometimes suffuses for the pain, but always, in some way, offer light …
    and the smallest of points can be the brightest beacons – think of the night sky filled with all that milky way delicious wonder ….
    scars are much the same – testament and testimony to potential, not only maps of where we have been, but the studded showcase of where we can choose to walk, stride, wander or wend ourselves and way, in the now – which leads to the unknown, uncharted tomorrow.

    Continue rocking it Magaly. Bright blessings.

  4. Although your writing is so much better than Chuck Palahniuk’s (which is both a compliment to you and an insult to him, because you deserve compliments and he deserves insults), I think of Fight Club’s line, “I don’t want to die without any scars.”

    We all have them, one way or the other, I suppose. You seem to be sharing and living from yours more than most.

  5. With all the wonderful BFF2 posts this weekend, I’ve found myself thinking about the fact that I can remember the story behind every scar on my body and I hadn’t really considered that before. While other memories sometimes fade, the ones carved on our skins really seem to be truly indelible.

    Love the poem and the blackout!

    • I think all wounds hurt in some way or another. How we approach that hurt, what we do with what it does to us is the only choice we have power over… the only thing that can turn the hurt into strength (or something less).

  6. Sometimes the scars are the roadmap of parts of our lives. Your scar is that of a warrior spirit and one to embrace. Sometimes it is the imperfections that makes one beautiful inside and out.

    wishing you peace…remember you are beautiful…

  7. I think that all 3 segments of the ‘Beautiful Freaks Fest 2: Scars, Scars, Scars… Such Terrible Beauty’ – are awesome – and champion a quality of (what I might call) wakeful sensibility to how we process and live powerfully with all things that come our way in life. I think it is a choice. Finding power in a scar is a good choice – and a beautiful thing. The close on “The Power of a Scar” celebrates that choice, indelibly, with the words ‘exulting in the power of a scar embraced’ … I love that line.

    • Thank you, Wendy. You’ve said it like I feel it. We either make our scars into something beautiful (even it terrible) and claim them as ours… or the results can be catastrophic. And who needs any more catastrophe in this world of ours, right?

  8. I know I cherished all my scars from childhood when adventures took me in dark woods with friends and strange imaginings that left me trophies to cherish hoping they would not fade but as I grew older my adventures ceased and the scars disappointed, slowly faded away.

  9. I have my scars, too, belly and back–a carving I would not have chosen, but treat as a gem! I am in love with this poem, with your perspective from deep experience.

  10. A beautiful and powerful piece! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences with us, and for creating this blog party. The subject matter called to me, and has helped me through this dark time. Thank you for your encouragement ❤

    • I’ve been delighting in your new posts so much, Reba. Seeing you blogging again makes me happy. Not just because I believe that sharing is good–it makes the load easier to carry–but also because I know how hard it can be, but you are choosing to do it anyway. And that, my friend, speaks of the sort of strength we need to survive (and better yet, thrive).

  11. Oh, the beauty of these scars that carry the magical weight of stories is special and significant — I love how you define the “poetry of experiences”; it is its realization and acceptance that makes it so poetic — a part of the expression, both visible and invisible. And “exulting in the power of a scar embraced” is definitely the best sentiment.
    I loved it! <3

  12. As I sifted through a box of old. old family photos this weekend, I found that I could align almost all of them to the timeline of scars on my body.

    From now on, the mirror will show me the faces of the people I love and I can feel joy, instead of disfigurement and sadness.

    What an incredible gift you have given me
    <3 X 13

  13. Scars are sure signs of passage and should be looked at with the same senses we use when we look at the stamps in a passport. Not all the places we visit are magical, but we end up more rounded, more tolerant, more enlightened just for having taken the journey. Your journey, Magaly, has been epic. You inspire with your sharing!

  14. Embracing those scars may not be the easiest thing in the world, but once we choose to do so, it can be one of the most rewarding and life affirming things we do for ourselves.

  15. Every scar is a piece that marks a victory… celebrating them is the only way… even if it hurts. Maybe it’s similar as the soldier’s purple heart… survival in itself is victory.

  16. The poem resonates; it’s deep and accepting. Your powerful words not only heal bodies but hearts. And your artwork…I still owe you an email. But what I can say right now, the stitching wins. Keep well, Maga. <3

  17. “Life carves magic on the body” is such a gorgeous and powerful image, Magaly! ❤️ Embracing hurt and scars may not be easy but it certainly speaks more about the person than any other thing! 🙂

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