The Pretty Corpses of Flowers

I was about to post a rant about some woman who wanted to sell posters of one of my blackouts… without paying me. But as I reread what I wrote, my blood began to boil… So, I deleted the whole thing, and opened my “Awesome Things My Love Says” folder.

My sexy Piano Man has a way with words that reach my heart and my funny bone. The other day, he texted me after a show, to say, “Warning! I’m bringing home some flower corpses.” He knows I don’t much care for flowers that have been cut just for decoration, and he also knows that if the poor things were already mutilated, I wouldn’t want their sacrifice to be for nothing. I do my best to find a way to show them some love.

It was a big bouquet. Some of the flowers are still drying. But the roses, carnations, and some greenery and fillers (whose name I don’t know), have dried quite prettily.

I used a rose petal on this stitched poem. Some of the outer petals I offered to the moon, now sit by my typewriter in view of the window. I put together a bouquet I can glimpse while I’m writing. The leaves and other greenery went in a jar until the muse thinks of something. The fillers are in a wee bowl, in front of a sculpture of Old Man Death (you know how much the grinning Reaper loves his flowers).

By the time I was done, I was grinning as toothily as… well, as toothily as me. Playing with nature (even mildly dead nature) is good therapy, picturing the bloody things my muse thinks should happen to those who want to steal our mind-babies… not so much.

35 thoughts on “The Pretty Corpses of Flowers”

  1. I love the term flower corpses. I too have bowls and jars of floral body parts awaiting some ritual and second life. I hope all is well as it can be , sorry there is a theif amongst your magic.

  2. Always amazes me people throw out the beautiful corpses as you put it… it’s like they are still showering us with their beauty as their petals fall 🙂

  3. Not sure, how I would react, Magaly, to having someone stealing my creative projects, and then try to sell it back, to me. Part of me, I think, would be happy that other people value my energy, so much, to do this. But, there’s the feeling of being violated, by this person, in their mad dash for quick money.

    Must admit, I love your creative response, to this person, with your floral corpses. That’s totally organic and honest. May your thief get their just dessert, from karma, and hope they have learnt their lesson, well.

  4. Naturally desiccated corpses only count as “mostly dead” (as in Princess Bride) and therefore their magic can be resurrected when needed. The posters the other is creating will be stillborn, and never contain any of your magic XXX

  5. That is awful. It amazes me how arrogant and cold some people can be…
    But your precious piano man gave you a hug full of magic for you to play and burn and chant over, so some things are right in.this world. I can’t imagine a better home for this bouquet!
    Many hugs and kisses!

  6. Those purple filler things are statice.. I grow them… I bet u can grow them w/your green thumb… once the flowers are done, then the seeds spread like wildfire.. I posted it once on IG… I bet the leaves can be used as mulch for your plants.
    As far as your post, people will be people…human nature can suck at times

  7. Sorry you ran into that situation with your work. I do not know why anyone would feel like that was moral or ethical! Flower corpses! Glad you found uses for the poor dears!

  8. I love the way roses dry. Their color deepens, edges curl slightly, and the buds stay tightly closed. I always want them to keep their fragrance, but they don’t. They remind me of aged movie starlets.

  9. Oooooh… pretty little dead things… ❤ 😉

    I’m glad your piano man was able to distract you from the mind-babies bandit. I know from experience the way those parasites can make you feel like your blood has turned to poison in your veins. If only they understood the violation… 🙁

  10. This is a much more positive post than it would have been had it been about the woman selling your stuff.

    Positive. Even if it is about dead flowers.

  11. Oh, I love how you channel your energy. Instead of ranting you created this beauty, and focused on “Awesome Things [Your] Love Says”. I couldn’t help but smile to hear that you even keep a folder of such sweet murmurings. 🙂 Beautiful stuff!

    • I’ve been keeping a folder of interesting things people say–strangers, family, politicians…–for a long time. When I met my Piano Man, I realized I met a sexy brain that makes laugh at least three times a day. So, I started a folder for just him. It’s a great fountain of giggles and grins. 🙂

    • I haven’t heard from her since this post, so I suspect she read it and wants nothing to do with me…

      …and yes, my love is a treasure that makes me better. 🙂

      Sending many, many, many hugs!

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