The Third Kiss

I wasn’t supposed to blog today… I have a huge report to finish for a woman in a white coat (no, not the mistress of the madhouse, but the guardian of the gut). I should be researching enzymes and the effects certain roughage have on the tummy. But can I really be expected to think of roughage, when a Hedgewitch is whispering of the riddle of the sphinx… of Shakespeare’s weird sisters… of the Lord of the Rings? I’m not weak, my Wicked Luvs, but not even I can resist a sphinx, weird sisters, and “My precious!” triple attack. So here is three-inspired dark poem bit, luring Witch O’ the Wilds:

“The Third Kiss”

It was the third kiss
that opened her brain’s eye,

the one slaying her truth
while fairy telling his lie,

out of  lips, saying, “I do love her,
but I wish, I wish, I wish she would die.”

written for Poetry to the Third Power, at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads

Three of Swords, by RevolverWindsThree of Swords, by RevolverWinds

39 thoughts on “The Third Kiss

  1. Yikes. This makes me think of so many domestic violence sort of killings. This put in incantation form– but that weird magical thinking mindset. Thanks, Magaly, feel better. K.

  2. Oooh this is delicious 😀 especially love the reference to “the one slaying her truth while fairy telling his lie..” Powerfully written.

    Lots of love,

    • I think it’s looking at you… Muahahaha!

      Doing the homework is the only way that I can figure out what else I can add (or remove) from my diet. No one can really do it for me, not if I want to stay home. So… in order to have a life, I need to re-learn how to feed myself. At least I get ice cream… 😀 Well, some ice cream.

  3. Three of Swords indeedy, kiss of death divine! Leave it to one of our Pond’s weird sisters to wind this up and deliver a triple mace uppercut. Spot on and ouch!!! I was born with a wyrd birthmark, heart with an arrow through it, and I’m not sure where the other two arrows came from, but I think I was asking for them … Anyway, prayers to my water gods for a ferry from gut to healthier shores.

  4. Yes, it does sound like a bit of dark magic, or is he just wishing for the old person that she was to die allowing a rebirth of her new spirit! Very thought provoking!

    • And that is one of the reasons why I love you, my Sharon. You don’t let the superficial horribleness of his wish deter you from the fact that we don’t know the whole story. Who knows, that kisser might not be a bastard after all.

  5. Ha! This is so perfect, Magaly! Nothing could delight me more than to see you walk widdershins all around this spell, and wind up with a triple hit of truth and magic, and the poison in the apple we never want to see. I’m so glad to distract you from your gut, as well, as sometimes creating is the best medicine–and I’m sure you’ve done what you needed to do for the demanding doctor as well. Hope you are soon better, dear Magaly, and thanks so much for making my morning.

    • This was such a delight to write, so big thanks! I did, indeed, needed a distraction. One can only spend so much time reading about what happens inside one’s belly without wanting to look away for a bit. The ditty-like incantation of a poem had me grinning wickedly for just the right amount of time.

      And yes, I was done in time! 🙂

  6. Sorry I’m late! I’ve been sick and still am! A combination of the flew and allergies! I have to write a note on my blog, so people don’t think I am missing! LOL!
    But, enough about me! I love your writing! Spooky! That eye is kind of creepy!

    • My poor Stacy! I hope you’re feeling better now. I’m a bit behind, too, so don’t feel too bad. April is a very possessive month.

      And yes, that eye looks creepy… I think it’s planning something. 😉

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