Through the Skin of Another

I’ve watched your eyes believing to think they can divine true glimpses of me in runes you’ve dreamed were made of bone that once covered my flesh. And I wonder, wonder, wonder… Can’t she see I dance with all my limbs? Hasn’t she noticed her phantom thumbs, those missing bits of her own self that keep her mind’s eye from grasping the runes life has crafted out of her breakings? 

trying to feel me
through the skin of another
leaves your heart alone


the (not really) wee (but slightly hysterical) notes…
– after reading, “Sweet Poison” and “If We Forget…” someone felt the need to let me know that she was “heartbroken for [me] and disappointed in [my] husband because”, according to her, the poems told her that my Piano Man “is showing his true man-colors by pushing [me] to doubt his commitment.” My shock, sense of WTF(ness), and respect for irony, figured that perhaps a poem about reading/interpreting poetry would be apt reply for her madness.

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Bone runes talisman, by ArtofElorhan

46 thoughts on “Through the Skin of Another”

  1. WTF is right. Where the hell did she even get that crazy notion? It makes no sense. She must have one outlandish imagination for her mind to come up with such a tale.

    Great poem though, and thats a cool
    piece of jewelry.

  2. They say that walking a mile in the shoes of another is necessary… but how can you ever think that only a mile can make you understand anyone else… balance is needed…

  3. …. Bwahahahaha 😂 oh my god imagine the look on her face when she reads your befitting reply to her absurdity 😉❤️

    Love the artwork! Yum! ☕️😍 Happy Sunday, gorgeous 🌹

    • She hasn’t said a word. Not one since then. So, I’m assuming she read this… and didn’t approve. Oh, well, like Dumbledore said to Harry, “We must try not to sink beneath our anguish… but battle on.” *cough*

  4. Love it! Stylistically, this haibun does everything I think a well crafted haibun should do – which, for me (albeit novice that I am) is: a senryu that contributes to the prose, while coming at it from a slightly different direction (as opposed to restating that which has been said). You have done that, to stunning effect, here, Magaly.

  5. *literal tea snort*

    OMG, um, yeah… that’s an awful lot to read into things. Though that is an excellent piece you’ve crafted Madame Magaly. It was kind of her to provide the fertilizer to inspire creative blooms. 😀

  6. Uh-oh! I pity the foolish mortal who poketh the She-Bear in such a manner!

    To so unjustly malign the Piano Man is appallingly presumptuous, at the very least. I admire the restraint it must have taken to pull back from DEFCON 1.

    • Don’t admire my restraint too much. I was royally pissed. So much so, that I had to wait some time before I could ever write about this. My brain was too busy thinking of not so gentle ways to make her eyeballs see what is there. My imagination put extra emphasis on the “not so gentle”. It was very therapeutic. 😀

      • “My brain was too busy thinking of not so gentle ways to make her eyeballs see what is there. My imagination put extra emphasis on the “not so gentle”.”

        You do know that I admire your imagination even more than your restraint, don’t you?!
        *smiles a Wednesday Addams worthy smile*
        😉 ♥ ♥ ♥

  7. I will never ,ever ,ever understand why people of either casual or no acquaintance at all, feel the obligation (read entitlement) to share their opinions about YOUR personal life with you.

    The only words that come to mind (and I’ve given this considerable thought) are:
    “Fuck the hell off!”

    • I think that there are several reasons for this. The first is that for some reason most people are certain that every piece of poetry they read is not just autobiographical, but also that the emotions and topic that inspired the poem is current. They fail to see that a person must have a REALLY adventurous life (and at least 101 hour in each day) to accomplish everything they write about. Another reason, I think, is that I’ve made it clear that I don’t mind people making personal remarks about what I write… I just wish that they paid a bit more attention in their deduction of what is personal.

  8. This is such an apt reply to a misguided interpretation. I love and so admire your approach, Magaly.
    And the senryu is just wonderful — the idea thus shared is wise, pointed and empathetic in away too. <3

    • Thank you, HA, for seeing the empathy. In truth, I was extremely angry at first. But after thinking about it for a while, I started wondering if she was just not looking for a way to let out something that was bothering her about her own life. Everyone needs a door, every now and again, even if it’s the wrong one…

  9. I guess some people just hate men because they exist…no matter how wonderful a human being they are *can see William’s sparkly halo from England* Sad that this person is so blind to the balance of the universe..though it will make t easier to tip them of the edge of the planet 😉 XXX

    • I have wonder… about her motivation. Who knows. Hopefully that is not the case, because to start hating all men for the evils one has caused can live a soul hating a bunch of people. And very alone.

      Bwahahaha! Your last bit made me think of the meme about that cat pushing everything of the edge of a flat world. 😀

  10. It s true that we don’t see what is missing in ourselves in a very clear way, which is why we should not speak of what we do not or cannot know or understand. I would be glad to send a dragon to singe her hinney! Well written, maybe a little too gentle. Too bad you couldn’t turn it into a Howler letter!

  11. beautiful and well written!
    As for the other person, had she read the beautiful poem a week ago about the cup and also Piano Man is- she wouldn’t jump to her own silly conclusions. people- shame my head.

    • I think people (well, some people) blind must themselves to certain knowledge in order for the rest of their worldview to make sense. It’s a pity, for they end up missing a whole lot… that really matters.

  12. You are being much more gracious that I think I would be able to be in the same situation. Good job to you for having put her in her place with your art. People need to keep their ridiculous opinions to themselves!

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