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45 thoughts on “Trepidation”

  1. I think merry-go-sorry should be used more widely! It expresses mixed feelings so well. I love the lines:
    ‘I watched his words blossoming between my breasts, his ink claiming my heart. I felt our truth—in flesh and bone, I was still mine… but I was his in ink.’

  2. I am truly enjoying the way you are building this relationship, and it perfectly represents the power of words–so often undervalued. But words are all we have, as my English teacher once said, to say everything—they are so much more alive than simple definitions can show. Here they play out an old tune, build an evernew bridge, and if anything, the emotions are more powerful for being ‘merely’ expressed in words. Can’t wait to see the end. Thanks for playing, dear Magaly, and for doing your part in the name of kickass weekends and at least personal peace, maybe the only kind we can find any more.

  3. Merry-go-sorry! What an interesting expression! It does seem like it would be appropriate to use more in today’s world. Really looking forward to the next installment!

  4. Yes… the merry-go-sorry seems to be all to common… sometimes we should just be caught in the swirl without angst I think

  5. Love all of this Magaly! deeply beautiful…I watched his words blossoming/his ink claiming my heart ..wowness….so stirring, like a vision, charged with such magic! I always feel the power of your poetess soul sparking me with such gorgeous energy and feelings..a wonderful bewilderment. I always leave transformed!! thank you for your inky wild heart!
    Hope you are having a beautiful wkd Creatrix!
    Thanks for filling mine with your magnificent writing!

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