Ugly Is Manmade

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59 thoughts on “Ugly Is Manmade”

  1. My goodness this is good! You give voice to discrimination based upon, looks, gender and intellect with such fire and elegance! Especially love; “Society’s tea cup is overflowing with teeth and broken expectations.” Such an apt image. Beautifully executed.

    Lots of love,

  2. Your friend is lucky to have you in her corner. Thank the gods for the friends with strong legs and sturdy boots who know where to aim their kicks.

    • Friendship, like all other relationships, are good because they are formed by more than one individual. I have a good kick, but she packs a gloriously lethal punch. We are both very lucky.

  3. Oh, our spleens REALLY ARE choking on the same toxic fumes! Not that I’m surprised in the least that we’re on the same page! 😉 ♥ I love this SO much: “too unlike her hand-twisted puppets”! And the poem hits the festering sore with deadly aim!

    You know, when I posted on Insta last night, two “Fast Fashion” sites actually *liked* the post!?!?! (I immediately blocked them!) Are they so moronic that they didn’t even read what I wrote?!! When I looked up #fastfashion (something I assumed was only a pejorative term), I discovered that there are some Insta accounts that actually use it with pride! What the… ?!!

    Thank you for hosting, dearest Magaly! And for rousing the rebel inside!!

    • Before I read your post, I had no idea that fast fashion was a thing. That’s one of the thing I love about these sort of events–we learn things. Some of the lessons speak of horrible things (that people do to each other), but it’s good to know… and to fight against the rot.

      After I read this comment, I checked the fast fashion tag… and wow. I will never understand people. How can anyone live like that and not lose their minds? I mean, no one can keep up with the speed required to try everything everyone comes up with (and the cost!). What the heck, indeed.

  4. Oh, your piece touches a nerve. We are just never good enough in society’s eyes, and it seems society is always in cahoots with the diet scams or anything else that promises beauty and youth. And yes we need to be outraged by these unrealistic expectations. Powerful write, Maga!

    • I really hope one of these days we can teach our brains and hearts that what really matters is not what other people (usually people selling us things) say that should matter. We would be so much happier, and the world would certainly be cleaner.

  5. I love that you “oh majestic one” deigned to scuff your boots on our behalf 😀 I have been outraged by this particular subject on so many occasions though the years, and scuffed a few boots myself 😀 XXX

  6. A total gem… I am disgusted that the superficial has become the touchstone of society… makes me throw-up chunks… flesh is the wrapping of a persons gifts, their talent, personality, it can be wrinkled, smooth, brown paper or covered in glitter… it is just wrapping & ends up in the bin 😉 Now what is left… that counts 🙂

  7. Indeed. I feel fat and ugly every day, no matter that people tell me otherwise. My brain still compares me to impossible media ideals and internalizes the loathing this world has for the female form.

  8. Ugly is manmade indeed. Which of us should appoint themselves to be the judge! We definitely should not set ourselves to judge another…. A kicking boot seems useful for those that do.

  9. ugly is manmade,
    the filthiest of constructs,
    a poison that rots

    My, this is a fantastic shot, Magaly! You really have the knack to be writing real dark shots like it is! Great!


  10. Ugly is manmade!! So true! So deep! So painfully accurate!How are you feeling these days my sweet Magaly?
    Thank you for your comment! It is so sad! I will update you about the bees ‘s situation!
    I can’t wait for the outraged poets!!
    Sending lots and lots of love and many many hugs!

  11. It’s so true that ugly is man-made. But everything that’s natural including looks is beautiful just the way it is. No matter what society thinks. A powerful statement.

    This is Loredana from Magic of Words.

  12. Love the fire in this….society needed a good kick in the ass over a few things….definitely worth scuffing some boots for 😉

  13. I am with you 100% my friend!! It’s like when I grew my hair so long to cover up my fine hair! Now my hair is so short, you can see everything! And, I think I have a very pretty head! 🙂 I am seriously thinking of shaving my head, not totally bald, but very short! Big Hugs 🙂

  14. You do these powerful pieces so well … I look on in awe. I’m afraid I am a product of my 50’s social upbringing, where we were all given names like Debbie and Susie … and Wendy – and admonished to be ‘good girls’ and ‘pretty girls’ and ‘don’t-rock-the-boat-girls’ … or the sky would fall. It’s taken me a lifetime to deprogram myself (and not quite there yet, I find, occasionally to my chagrin) so I really do get where your friend was coming from. Awesome writing!

    • Maybe, a time will come when generations look at this sort of social nonsense and shake their heads, saying, “That’s impossible. They are making it up. Not liking yourself exactly as you are makes no sense.”

  15. For far too long we have been persuaded to view beauty from a narrow perspective much to the loss for so many who must follow trends. There is beauty everywhere and so many are blind to it. This is so well written Magaly.

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