Unsaid Words Will Die Screaming

Quiet not
the raging mouth that sings
differently tuned

songs, which swim
with conviction, with outrage…
with words you’ve never held
between tongue and teeth.

Living words (and people)
will not be muzzled
without cruelty (or war)

unsaid words
fight to become.
Let them…
(we must)
be something,

do something,
say something…
or lose

the wee notes…
– On these days of turmoil and unease, we must remember that everyone has the right to state their peace, even if we don’t quite care for the thoughts oozing out of their pie-holes. Stillborn words will rot… and once the festering takes hold, everyone must suck in the stench.
– After I finished expanding the poem bit, I realized that I reversed two words from the original blackout. I wrote “unsaid words” instead of “words unsaid”. I left it like that. I like how it flows.
– Linked to the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads (Tuesday Platform).
– Hm… it seems I’ve contracted severe ellipses again… *sigh*.

45 thoughts on “Unsaid Words Will Die Screaming

  1. That is powerful!!!
    You haven’t told me, is the recipe doable for you, or does it contradict with many of your no- nos?
    P’s. Do you by any chance, happen to know, how in hell can one view her followers in this relatively new blogger way of things.? The hacker that I am, I still get really confused.

  2. do something, say something…
    or lose everything

    A most searching thought! It is prophetic and frighteningly true. Not wanting to arrest a decline might result in losing all!



  3. I love this… we need speak up, not being pressure cookers ready to explode (and I’m not talking about it in a literal way). When I read it the second time I was reminded of Dylan Thomas:

    Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

  4. I am one who can relate to these lines.. the muzzled words but sometimes unleashing them does more harm than good. Your poetry is bold and you fearlessly tackle the hard topics.

  5. I really love this poem you wrote. For so many years I have things left unsaid, words I was not “allowed” to speak or write as so many people wanted me silenced. Now I am writing my words, speaking them too, even though it scares me what I am thinking sometimes. There are times when the words do not come to me, yet the feelings & emotions do, that is when I need to just sit quiet & try to find the words.

  6. You Ms Wicked nailed something here, it resonates, I think words are actions, words can bring peace, war, change in society, spark passions, enough words can educate, bring justice, support a cause, destroy a friendship, woo a lover… Someone once said they didn’t know I could speak until I was 5, at school I was the quietest, almost silent, but I always listened… Now words tumble out, often chaotic, I think people that craft them into images are amazing, as you do, post after post… Love this one too (like totes) xox

  7. Yes, I think the unsaid words must sooner or later be said – and poetry is often the perfect place to do so.

    I love your brilliant erasures, and then the way you expand them into something altogether new.

  8. This aches with the pain and the joy of birth and the scalding heat of those evil twins, fear and anger–if our words are our children, and the unsaid the stillborn, I think once uttered sometimes they take a wayward and rebellious path we don’t expect, though we should have seen it coming. Love your whole point of view here, Magaly, which bridges so many gaps that reek with hellfires of the soul, and where words do the best they can to be…something.

  9. Hey Magaly! Glad to see you signed up with the O Canada! Blogathon 2017 with not one, but TWO posts! Looking forward to your thoughts on both the Little Criminals book and on Leonard Cohen’s “Democracy” (a personal fave of mine).

    • I’m very excited about it. So excited that I didn’t notice that books weren’t quite included. No matter, I’m doing “Democracy” for O Canada! and Lullabies for Little Criminals here, probably a poetized review. I can’t let go of a book once I see it. Also, I’m curious about the setting. 🙂

  10. Well, we all travel in circles some of the time and history always repeats itself, in one way or another. Without a beginning and an end, what would life be?

  11. I may be a bit off point here, but this reminds me that censorship is an ugly thing, even if what’s being censored is also ugly. And it seems the people who are so concerned about the second amendment don’t give a rip about the first. (Sorry, that’s my issue, not yours).

  12. Your poem indeed resonates with that which we need to observe & allow today – freedoms we cherish that do come with a price. I feel your frustration, anger but also hope. It’s why we speak, write, sing, create — to express our art, our selves — & that must never be censored. A powerful message. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Don’t know how I missed this one, but I am glad I found it. The last stanza should be our mantra for the foreseeable future!

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