Use Your Tongue

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47 thoughts on “Use Your Tongue”

  1. The pain of craving someone who substitutes intimacy of the skin for intimacy of the mind is so vivid here. The longing, the sadness and that slender string of anger underneath is perfectly done – and in 55 words! Damn girl.

  2. I love especially the human yearning in this, the spot over the heart that can get so lonely, and the same spot in the mind that only a few words, properly spoken by the usually silent, can activate. I also appreciate the wry wordplay, and the smile in the lines that you always manage, no matter what the subject. Thanks so much for playing Magaly, and may your weekend kick the utmost ass.

  3. This is gorgeous!❤️ I believe that every now and then love needs to be expressed and that we should be made to feel special by the one we love 🙂 this line will stay with me: “If you don’t remember to use your tongue, you will lose my heart.”❤️

  4. Heart felt.
    Sex and pleasure will only take you so far. They are definitely fun in the moment, but lack substance in the long run. They wont keep us warm on the long nights. But their words will stay with us.

  5. Give me your heart, make it real or else forget about it – lyrics from Smooth – this is what came to mind when i read your poem. One needs to share their real heart in matters of love.

  6. I love the rhythmic energy winding through these words and images, such movement and pulse!! It feels like a chant, the tongue must treasure the flesh it travels and express that love…beautiful!
    Speak to me (love that) is vital ..without it, something is missing. A lovers dance is sacred.

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