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67 thoughts on “Warped”

  1. You would never know this was stitched together in any way–you are MUCH better at this than Dr. Frankenstein, my dear. It is wistful and longing and at the same time, fulfilling and magical, which is a pretty rough trick to pull off. I especially like the third through seventh lines–they just glow with rightness. Thank you dear Magally for the great 55, and I hope you will have a kickass weekend in all the good ways.

    • I’ll make sure Dr. Frankenstein never finds out–I wouldn’t want him to feel the need that he needs to prove himself (I mean, grave-robbing is not as easy as way back in the days and the poor doctor hasn’t been getting any younger).

      I enjoy putting this together. And is a great way of keeping myself from wanting to share what I’m writing for publication (I’m terrible at keeping writing secrets *sigh*).

      Thanks so much for offering a place to share. 🙂

  2. I love this poem–it is unique and says something so primal and marvelous, and and and. It gooood. However, there are no barbecued bosoms or throw-up. Fix that, please? 😉

    • I said the phrase “barbecued bosoms” to my Piano Man and he gave me a rather terrified look. Not sure why *cough*. Hm, maybe my “barbecued bosoms” poem should be horror and not romance. 😀

  3. There is both art and craft in your poetry, Magaly. I never fail to find something in your words which speaks directly to my heart.

  4. The passion of skin and ink.. that’s how it should be.. (how it must be). Could never have guessed it came from a book… I sometimes take a random page from Bleak House and do the same.

  5. My goodness this is good!❤ I love the idea of inking our bodies into temptation. There is magic in love when it’s nurtured with the right words! Beautifully executed.❤

  6. I think even I could stitch together words although I am nothing with needle and thread. This was so much fun to read and deep…barbecued bosoms…I love the ink and the touching…all of it. so very…great!

  7. You skim over the niceties and blantantly tell him what you want…and I thousands if miles away know precisely! Piano man must play beautifully and not only on the piano.

    • I think the world (and relationships) would work so much better if we are honest with each other, clear about our wants and dislikes. And yes, my Piano Man is a very gifted soul. *giggles*

  8. You have imbued this piece with a fantastic feeling of primal freedom … I swear, I felt a pulse in your brilliant ‘holding-nothing-back’ words. Once again, kudos on the artwork. An awesome post!

  9. I want us—
    cradled by our warped
    selves, attached to our old
    and terrible…

    It is nice to be naughty again. One needs a respite every now and then!


  10. Love, Love, Love!!!!
    Magaly, you should make small books out of these. Like maybe 10 or less pages. Make everything by hand (like you’re doing) and weave the pages together. And, even make a funky front cover!
    You are so talented!!
    Big Hugs 🙂

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