We Must Dare

I’m starting to think that Loki, the Norse god of mischief, has reincarnated in the shape of political news. Either that, or the air in my local pharmacy brings the raging crazy out of people. No fistfight, this time around, but only because the security guard on duty put an end to the lively discussion before the words of the pusher of buttons, the oozer of crappy-gold-plated rot, the orangey spite really got under every skin and caused a massive burst. I still can’t understand why they don’t change the channel to something less inflammable, like… The Short but Explosive Romance of Matchstick Girl and Dynamite Boy. Anyhoo, my pencil and I crafted the following blackout while waiting for my remedies:

All his illusions spread, plunder, dishearten… all.


The next blackout bit birthed rather interesting conversations. The ones that stuck with me (because I found them bemusing), were views that suggested that friendliness isn’t all that difficult if people really mean it. Nope, I’ve no idea what that means. Maybe the eyes of your brilliance are open wider than my own, and you’ll be able to tell me. I really wish to know how one can be friendly to all, without limitation, without thought, without knowing…

Unconditional friendliness is an art.


When I shared the bit below, I received a whole lot of agreement. This made me glad. I know, my Wicked Luvs, without clarification my gladness might seem a tad callous. But my delight was born out of knowing that every person who said “me too” to this blackout has loved. And we all know how the old saying goes, “It’s better to have loved and have been disappointed than to go around wondering why so many risk heart and sanity to get some.” Yes, I’m quite sure that’s how the saying goes. Really. Stop arguing already!

I know love…
and disappointment.


My last offering, for the day, is an invitation: now that horror is ordinary, and hope is turning into a mythical beast only seen by the innocent and the daring, we must dare to see, we must dare to think, we must dare to learn, we must…

Dare to hope.

We must, my Wicked Luvs.


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  1. These are great and no, I can’t imagine why a pharmacy would do that to its patrons, either! I appreciate every break from the news I can get, and it certainly improves my health to get away from it.

    Job security, maybe? The sicker people feel, the more they need to visit the pharmacy?

    • I often wonder about the person(s) in charge of TV’s in federal buildings. All right, in VA buildings. The other day, I was waiting at the dentist office, and the TV was set on the Animal Planet channel. Which, you know, is often okay. But not so much when they are showing animals ripping each other apart, and the humans watching are waiting for someone to cut and drill into their mouths. I mean, seriously, that can’t be healthy for anyone.

      The channel at the pharmacy fluctuates between CNN and Fox News. Maybe they are trying to test the site effects of visual torture? *sigh*

  2. Unconditional friendliness? I think my dog may be a master of that art, but I am very much a padwan in its application. Still I didn’t do too badly with it when I worked the polls during my state’s primaries earlier this week. Continuing to stay active, well that’s my response to dare to hope. Even when I have known disappointment, I remember love.

    • I’ve always thought the word “unconditional” is a bit of a trap. Under proper conditions, and while everyone is following certain rules, most of us try our best to stay friendly. But… I’m sure that if one of those old-timers would’ve slapped you half senseless, your sense of friendliness would’ve probably gone bye-bye. But, again, like with love, being friendly to a soul or three is worth the risk–there is always a chance that someone might turn nasty on us, but that doesn’t mean that need to walk around in an armor. It just means that we need to keep our eyes open. And, perhaps, our knees slightly relaxed… in case we have to run for the woods and don’t want to fall on our lovely faces. 😀

  3. That last piece really does look like a bloody heart that someone has performed surgery on…gorgeously grieving ad ghoulishly gory XXX

  4. Each of these samplers(well, they are “stitched,’ aren’t they?) has a different view to offer of who we are, who we were, who we must become, and yet they speak with one voice, which I dare to call the voice of sanity, as well. We had a rare family meal out the other day, and it was totally shaped by the strident inflections of FOXnews on the giant plasma screen, instead of the excellent Vietnamese cuisine–tiring. Why do hospitals(the DYI channel, always)convenience stores(FOX local) and restaurants, etc. feel it’s a good idea to mount large, loud distractions on their walls? Can there never be peace in public places any more? Perhaps we have to be a bit more zen about it all and bring it ourselves, but they certainly don’t make it easy. Thanks for the fruits of your reflections, as always–I am thinking of you much, dear Magaly, and hope your scheduling and doctoring ordeals are not too grueling. ((()))

    • Goodness, at a restaurant, too. What a way to spice up a meal. Makes no sense.

      Thanks very much for the thoughts, Hedge. I’m doing all I can to get to a place of balance. It seems closer and closer and closer…

  5. Love these all Magaly!! What a great post!
    Unconditional Friendliness, very interesting! I feel, when we love ourselves and send blessings to all, even the ones that “irk” us, LOL, we are not only blessing them, we are blessing ourselves. And, it doesn’t mean you have to around that person. The love will spread!

    Dare to hope and dare to love!

    In a relationship, where does the disappointment come from? If it’s from a break up? Are you disappointed about the break up, the person, or are you disappointed from the “expectation” you had put on the relationship.

    I know, I’m talking crazy! LOL! That’s what this retreat did to me! LOL!
    Love you Magaly!!
    Big Hugs!

    • You are not talking crazy at all. I think poetry is great at starting conversations, at prompting thought… Even when they start a bit nuts, what we end up with is always more.

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