Wee Books and Garden Giggles

Nature’s mood swings are warming up. We’ve been dancing between low 80s and rain. We like it. And yes, by “we” I mean me. And, perhaps, my amaryllis’ seedpod, who seems to delight in the pleasure that is getting her hair washed.

she trusted
my hand to hold her
wilted hair


My youngest oak seems to be enjoying the rain, too. Really. It went from zero leaves to seven practically overnight. The frog that shares the pot with the oak has been pondering about the nature of quick growth (and of blushing leaves).

the frog smirks,
while the witch watches
oak leaves blush


I, on the other hand, know exactly why the oak leaves are blushing *cough*:

Flower-lovers do it in the garden.


Since I’m certain that dearest Marcus Tullius Cicero was correct, in saying that “If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need”, I thought I should show you the wee treasure I got in one of my secondhand books/thrift shop hunts. It’s an English-Spanish Spanish English dictionary set from 1967. When first published, the miniature tomes (approximately 2” x 3”) cost $1.50. I found myself roaring like the wild old-book-loving maniac that I am, when I noticed the 2018 price was $1.49. Yep, the price went down 1¢ in 51 years.


What sort of book-loving-plant-adoring mad witchy writer woman would I be, if I published a post about gardens and English-Spanish Spanish-English books without sharing the page that shows the word “garden” in Spanish? Here it is:

Yes, my Wicked Luvs… I, too, blinked thrice when I read the 2nd page. I’ve no idea why the word judía means both green bean and Jewish female in Spanish.

Edited 5/23/18 at 4:05 pm: So, my Wicked Luvs, I went to my trusty Brewer’s Dictionary of Phrase & Fable, and found this: “Arbor Judæ, said to be so called because Judas Iscariot hanged himself thereon. This is one of those word-resemblances so delusive to etymologists. Judæ is the Spanish judía (a French bean), and Arbor Judæis a corruption of Arbol Judia (the bean-tree), so called from its bean-like pods.” Isn’t language the most alluring of wondrous beasts?


23 thoughts on “Wee Books and Garden Giggles”

  1. the frog smirks,
    while the witch watches
    oak leaves blush

    This one particularly tickles my fancy! I’d be fascinated to hear all the different interpretations of those words if people didn’t have the image as a cue. 😉

    • That’s what I found most intriguing. I don’t know a thing about the etymology of the word, and now I am very curious. Why are they called French beans in English and judías in Spanish? I did a bit of digging but haven’t found anything yet.

  2. The haiku are a delight. I love the way you animate the plants with your words, letting the words and the accompanying images show the readers the personalities of each plant. So cute!

  3. The amaryllis seedpod looks really amazing. Looks like the season is coming along nicely.

    I’m sure that the green bean/Jew thing has all the makings for a misunderstanding and an argument… or maybe a bad joke. I’m staying completely clear either way.

  4. Language is lovely, especially when you are let loose to cackle and frolic with it, dear Magally. It goes without saying of course, that I love all the gardening heat and, ahem…reproductive intensity, and of course of course of course I love the teeny books, and the not so teeny thoughts they provoked for you to share with us. Thanks for the smile this morning.

  5. ooh that gorgeous oak steals my heart..stunning beauty! Love you holding the seedpod..so gentle..It makes me think of how I love holding the long ropes of amaranthus when in full bloom. Plants are such precious creatures!
    I want to dive into that photo of all the enchanting books..and your visual-poem- art is magical!
    Have a sweet evening

    • Our green babies are precious, indeed. I can never be unhappy while I have a plant (or 31) to care for and to love. How could we, when they are so soul-filling. Feel welcome to travel into these images as often as you wish, I shall see you there, dearest Victoria. 🙂

  6. You made me smile!! The seedpod. The oak leaves and the happy frog! Flower lovers doing it in the garden. Special books, that you saved a penny on! LOL! A very special post! Loved it! Big Hugs 🙂

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