46 thoughts on “Weirdest”

  1. I love how you used weird in its other speakings, how you portrayed the basic need to defend what you love, what makes you feel safe. A gift gained by sacrifice, strange other kin, and danger make this into a dark, bloody fairy tale. Which, of course, means I like it so very much!

  2. I knew reading this would make me cry. It felt like I was right there with them. My heart sped up and I wanted so badly to save them. 🙁
    Beautifully written though. So beautiful.

  3. There is a streak of divine madness in this… It is like an old myth, the way you tell it.. and in the end the vixen is left with her wooden leg…

  4. just rushed through the gap
    and leapt for man’s throat.

    It was antagonized but reacted. A chain reaction as a consequence resulted in a smashed leg shot at in mid-air. That’s the way it is. Love the story Magaly!


  5. You tell a vivid story here, Magaly– really a fable– it is wonserful how the creatures man together against the man who himself is rather like a stick. Thanks for thinking so out of the box. K.

  6. WOW!!!!!!! I am so glad I didnt miss this one. Each word sank into my soul like the very best, most familiar story………….in that there is a Knowing, in both the writing and the reading of this amazing gem. Absolutely stellar.

  7. Wonderful and wishful poem, Magaly. Wonderful because the good guy wins, wishful because foxes generally don’t attack humans. I like your style, it could have been one of Esop’s tales.

  8. One of your best, Magaly–so tender and full of compassion for the plight of those who speak the non-human language, and are doomed to be our innocent and long-suffering victims–it is indeed mythic *and* surreal in feel–and makes us feel a magick that is long gone from this world….or is it? Perhaps, the weird is always with us.

    • I believe “the weird is” indeed “always with us…” waiting to pounce… if we let it…

      Thanks so much for the bit about my “best”. This is a bit of an experiment–short story written in poetry–and knowing how much you (one of my favorite poets) like it means a lot to me. ♥ 🙂 ♥

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