Welcome to the Beautiful Freaks Fest 1

Are you ready to celebrate everything unique (especially when the uniqueness in question comes with a serviceable hammer and a grin full of pretty teeth)? I know you are, you wouldn’t be here if you weren’t. So, let us party Freakishly, my Luvs!

Join Emma and me, as we let our arts and hearts dance with misfits, outcasts, oddities and freaks… Our posts should explore the tragic, ironic, mad, quirky, creepy, loving, fun, beautiful, misunderstood… monsters of the world.

Write a story (313 words or fewer), make a doll, birth a poem, paint a pretty freak, retell a myth, create a new myth… post something you love about beautiful freaks and tell us why you love it. Have a blast. And grin madly while you are doing it.

rules and notes and such…
– Add the direct link to your post using the Inlinkz tool below.
– If you’ve yet to enter my stitched poetry giveaway, just follow the link. Leaving a comment here will gain you an extra entry, if you first visit the giveaway post.
– We’ll party from Jun 23rd to 25th. You can post (1 entry per platform) every day of the party. Visit other Beautiful Freaks lovers. That’s what the Fest is all about.

Magaly on Instagram: @wordsbymagalyguerrero
Emma on Instagram: @groovygothic
Our party tag #BeautifulFreaksFest2017

19 thoughts on “Welcome to the Beautiful Freaks Fest 1”

  1. Dearest,
    Up until this morning I fully intended to participate in yours and Emma’s fabulous fiesta, but I am totally beat and – creatively empty. I look forward to reading and seeing what everyone else is doing, but since I work all day tomorrow I don’t think I will be able to post anything 🙁
    Hope you have a magical party!

    • Life is always insisting on happening, isn’t she? Someone should tell her to stop being so interfering. 🙂 I understand, darling. We must do what we must. Thanks so much for letting me know.


  2. Freakishly delightful entries! I love them all. What a great group of talented writers, artists, and doll makers! Your blog parties never disappoint.

  3. Thanks for adding me Magaly!! I will be around to read everyone over the next two days!! Just to let you know, I would love a pair of Inchabod Crane’s “glasses” too! Big Hugs 🙂

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