Welcome to October’s Heart-Bits with Magaly, 2017

artwork by Shelle Kennedy

I believe writing fills emptiness. Words help heal hurts. Stories spell fantasies real. For these, and many other reasons, I invite you to write about your art with me.

The topic is simple: Love Is Love Is Love… and Words. Let’s art our loves with words in them. You can share a story or poem about why you love writing poetry, or telling tales, or singing, or painting, or dancing, or sculpting, or knitting, or bedazzling the skulls of your enemies and friends… write about the art you are happiest to create.

Your posts must contain at least one magical element and some sort of love (dark love, sweet love, ridiculous love, terrifying love, insane love, gentle love…). Short stories should not be longer than 513 words and poems no longer than 5 stanzas. Please visit the original announcement post for more details.

The fun starts, um… now! It will continue until Tue, Oct 31st, at 10:13 pm EDT. Add the direct link to your post to the InLinkz tool (below). Have a blast visiting other Wicked Luvs who are also sharing their Heart-Bits.

some other (maybe important) bits…
– If those of you who have been around for the last eight years are wondering about giveaways, well… wonder no more—there will be a giveaway in a few days.
– I will delete any link that is just spam or that has nothing to do with the theme.
– What else? Oh, yes, let’s art this party with words in it!

25 thoughts on “Welcome to October’s Heart-Bits with Magaly, 2017”

  1. I may not have totally filled the brief…does being happy that created life count …and I am invoking Mary Shelley as my professional witness mwahahaha…. XXX

  2. I am still sick so I don’t know how much joining I will be doing 🙁 (the insomniac slept until 2 in the afternoon today…) But your post inspired me to a very short poem about an exchange I had at work the day I got sick:

    I heard your misogyny, that is true
    Still I don’t feel like challenging you
    I’m a feminist, but I am through
    I’m EXHAUSTED, so I bid ‘Adieu’

  3. I love this whole concept, and I will set my recalcitrant muse to work upon it immediately so that maybe before the meme expires she will spit something out–er, metaphorically speaking, of course.

  4. Hello friends! Forgive me if I’m slow, I’ve got a massive test on Monday, so I have to study in between partying. 🙁 One thing for sure, I’ll be coming by to read every entry and word you wrote. Enjoy the party!

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