We’ll Always Have Smoke Signals

She was doing just fine. And then the fainting spells began… She’s an old gal and all, but I hoped we would be together at least until my 40th birthday. I know she is trying. So I don’t blame her… Time is hard on all of us (the insufferable bastard). I must learn to let her go…

…especially since she has fainted at least 8 times in the last 30 minutes. Maybe she fears this note. Perhaps the word hiatus is too scary for her. I understand that. Still, we all have our limits… and my enough-is-enough seems to go nuts in the presence of constant Victorian cyber-swooning.

So, my Wicked Luvs, I’ll write you in a week or so… My household is rather busy at the moment. I need to wait a bit… computer shopping is more fun when I do it with my Piano Man *cough*.

Until then, I shall see you on Facebook and Instagram. And if my phone also fails, we’ll always have smoke signals… and shouting… really, really, really loud shouting… and ellipses, obviously…

hammered-socksThese awesome socks were made for writing (by hand?)
and for getting hammered, it seems…
but since I don’t drink, for writing by hand they will be.

43 thoughts on “We’ll Always Have Smoke Signals”

  1. Sounds like your comp needs some smelling salts. I dread getting a new one because of Windows 10(I’ve just learned to live with Windows H8) but someday i know it will have to be. LOVE the socks!

  2. This took my full attention to get. I was afraid you were talking about a pet – and then I feared you were speaking of your blog itself!

    My laptop is approaching its own fateful day. There will probably be great sales on cyber Monday coming up in a few weeks. I should get proactive and not wait until the current laptop dies before getting a new one.

    That way, it will be like pets: You know, the way people get a new dog when the old one turns 9, so technically they are not “replacing” the old one?

    Now I’m a little sad.

  3. Hope everything is backed up. I’m still going through photos from my recovered hard drive when mine crashed in January.

  4. Perhaps she’s making room early for new beginnings. Life begins at 40, right ? She wants you to be pre-prepared for new writing adventures before the big 40 arrives…….and what better way to bow out, than after a cackle filled Hallowe’en blog party 😉🎃👻🍁✒📖.

  5. Enjoy your time off. Good luck with the computer shopping (you might want to take the smelling salts with you, especially if you are looking for a Mac). The socks are fabulous!

    • Not a whole lot of time off. More like writing by hand until my middle finger and wrist hurt. But we’ll manage, won’t we?

      I prefer PCs. I know, I guess I’m not all that good at letting go. 😁

  6. I know how that feels!! And when you buy a new one you actually understand how bad the previous one was malfunctioning and how slowly itdid the most basic things! Many blessings to you and yours!

  7. Maybe she just needs a holiday…you do work her pretty hard lol….but a new adventure in cyberland is always exciting…you know we are up to Windows 10 now don’t you CWS XXX

  8. Oh no! Poor old girl. Poor you!!

    I like those socks very much, but I would use them for drinking and not writing I’m afraid. P.S. The youngest and I are coming to NY February 2-7 – pencil me in for a scary outing someplace, okay? It doesn’t need to involve drinking. ❤

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