When Life Is at Its Crappiest, My Tomato Plant Blooms a Juicy Heart

These last few days have been rather crappy… and a bit puky… okay, really puky…

But like I said to a friend, after she asked why I was laughing so hard after having just hurled on my own foot, “Well, I still have a thing or three to be thankful for.” I mean, there are people out there who live with chronic health conditions that are much worse than mine. And unlike me, they can’t claim the superpower of being able to clean their own puke.

Also, how many people out there can walk into their living room to find out that their tomato plant has just bloomed them a heart? Yep, magic everywhere… and some of it, I can turn into salad.

Today, I had one of those “I cried because I had no shoes, then I met a man with no feet” moments. Our sociopolitical situation sort of sucks, my body is being a royal bastard, some humans are acting in ways so shocking that I’m wondering if I should stop using the human label to describe them…

But, in that mess, a tomato plant fruits indoor, my limbs and will are strong enough to feed my body and keep it clean, and a dear friend and my husband say that when I can’t do it for myself, they will.

I hope I never have to take them up on it—at least not in the next few decades. But if the time comes when the world’s turmoil and my treacherous body are too much for me to handle, I’ll remember that I don’t have to handle things… alone.

That (and a heart-shaped tomato) will keep me smiling for a while. What fuels your smile, my Luvs?


37 thoughts on “When Life Is at Its Crappiest, My Tomato Plant Blooms a Juicy Heart”

  1. I ♥ your ♥-y… tomat-y! 😀

    So sorry that you’ve been puke-y! Yes, this week has been suck-y. 2016 has been kinda suck-y. But I am SOOOOOOO grateful for my husband, son, and cat! Then… there’s also making, drawing, books, music, art, favourite TV shows and movies, yummy food, wine and coffee to make me smile. So all in all, I’m super lucky!!

  2. HI Magaly… I understand what you are talking about. When we think we live in a total crap, better to look at those who suffer so much more than us.
    I am so glad you found things around to make you feel better and make you smile 🙂 This tomato looks yumm, you ate it, right? 🙂
    These days my true source of joy and happiness is my little son! No matter how unwell I am feeling or how much bad my mood is, his honest smile and excitement he shows over simple everyday things like seeing the Moon and the Sun in the sky (which is great actually, not so small) – it makes me appreciate and love what I have in life more than I usually do. Children teach us a lot!
    Hope you are fine and enjoying your day Magaly.

  3. I’m sorry for your troubles. When we are in our darkest times, true love, dear friends, and the little mysteries of nature can pull us through.

  4. Pretty tomato!

    By the way, my green thumb is making fun of me … all summer we had a bellpepper plant on the balcony, andi t bloomed and bloomed and nothing happened. I was all ready to let it die once fall comes around, then dragged it onto the windowsill on a whim. And now guess who is starting to grow teeny bellpeppers? ^^

  5. What fuels my smile is your uplifting post reminding me of the no shoes no feet thingy I grew up with and that I can always make a salad the devil take that life/lemon thing. I don’t like lemonade.

  6. We are all empaths, antennae for the feels of the group consciousness. This has been an extremely trying few weeks for those picking up on the fears and sadness they have been thrust into. I am so sorry that your physically purging this way, it makes an already uncomfortable situation even worse. Your attitude is a glorious example to us all, sweet friend. I am so grateful for YOU! I hope you feel better soon. Your tomato is such a beauty!

  7. Mag, we all have our pride, but it takes a stronger person to let their loved ones help.. Somehow, I don;t think u will need their help -physically or emotionally.. You are a strong minded person, but you aren’t a robot, u will know when u will need help so stop that pride crap and receive it..Do you really want your Piano Man giving u a ‘i-told-u-so’ look? ( like he’d dare to since he knows it would be useless) wink*wink*…

  8. YOU fuel it. I only hope that when my day comes and I’m puking on my own feet (or whatever the universe has planned for me) I handle it with as much grace and dignity and humour as you do, dear Magaly. <3

  9. You help me, as simple as that. It’s remarkable your outlook on life with the problems you have. Reminds me that I am not alone in the pain and suffering bit. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with it all.

    2016 has sucked with the crashing of my computer in January, the death of my beloved Little Thing in February, the ensuing whole political mess with it’s disturbing results and the news that social security and medicare may be gutted. I think all in all, your quote “some humans are acting in ways so shocking that I’m wondering if I should stop using the human label to describe them…” just about says it all.

    I agree with Nasreen Iqbal, books and music are a refuge and help me from using my stilleto. 🙂

  10. Life can be really hard at times. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been having a rough time. But I’m inspired by your positive outlook. And, yes to have support of family and friends is one of the things not to be taken for granted. The thought of not having to do life alone is comforting and always put a smile on my face. Take care, girl…*hugs*

  11. What fuels my smile(?) a group hug with my arse kicking, smart and sassy, talented, gorgeously politically left, empathic, quirky, cosplay dressing, utterly hilarious, book devouring, generous, feminist babes… And your tomato ❤️🍅❤️

    • Hugs to you Ms Wicked… your compassion, fierceness, wielding words and ideas, the way you reach out to friggin everyone, your burning talent that you share, the fact you found your PM, and the fact he adores your Wickedness, as you lovingly embrace everything he bought to your life… And that big grin, and that no matter what, you will always grow a jungle of your fruits, plants, art, intertwined with tales, people and yes politics and insights, wherever you live in the world… That makes me smile too 😜

  12. I am thankful that I have a wonderful therapist, a wonderful fiance, wonderful parents, and friends, and an adorable cat!

    Love your tomato and I really hope that you feel better soon!!! *hugs*

  13. Magaly, I’m sorry about the crappy!!! Just reading this post, has kicked me in the ass! Two days ago, I got on the scale to see I have lost 26 pounds, but I have probably gained 3 pounds back! Dealing with negativity! My brain is thinking too much! I’m telling my brain to shut up!

    You have to be thankful for what you have, because you never know when it might be taken from you!

    And, your election has brought hate crimes over here!! It’s like people STOP it!!! Holy shit!

    Magaly, I am so thankful you have such a good hubby and such a good close friend by your side!!

    I’m also thankful that the universe gifted you with such a beautiful sign, with that gorgeous tomato!

    For me right now, what fuels my smile is the gym and my art!
    Big Hugs and Lots Of Love 🙂
    P.S. Sorry my comment is all over the place, but I know you know what I’m talking about! LOL!

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