When the Veil Is Autumn-Thinned

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71 thoughts on “When the Veil Is Autumn-Thinned”

  1. This is so incredibly poignant, Magaly!💘 I love the idea of loved ones warm and bright in our bones (and hearts) as we continue to keep them alive through laughter and dance. Beautifully penned!💘

  2. This piece gave me all the feels big time ~ happiness, sadness, loving, missing, longing and joyful. It will fuel my dreams tonight sweet brilliant Word Goddess. I thank you from my heart. ❤️🌹❤️

  3. I first read you singe in my blood which would also work… love the praise for the life of your veins… very powerful as only passion is.

  4. This was beautiful! I did not know your brother, but I know you. For a moment, as I read this, I heard a joyous burst of laughter mixed with strains of great music, and I knew he was with you when you wrote this. Well done, well done.

  5. Magaly!..wildly beautiful and healing and powerful! I so enjoyed this magical entry you gorgeous-soul! Beautiful and so perfect for this time of year and the sacred veil that falls away for us all..to reunite..and as you shared so powerfully.. ” I don’t dance alone”…( you sing in my bones) I love this so much! My heart swells thinking of loved ones now gone…and this brings me bliss, peace and magic!! thanks for shining your mega-beautiful heart-bits, I feel transformed!

  6. Okay… I love the Terry Pratchett quote! It is so poignant! And I love the beautiful piece that you wrote too! I’m just hoping that those you keep “warm and bright, alive through laughter and dance.”, will forgive me for initially reading the first line as: “No one is actually dead until the *NIPPLES* they cause in the world die away…” Oops!

  7. I love the title. I love the quotation and will be happy to see it again and again.
    There is a sentence that stands out for me and reminds me of my one and only visit to New York:
    ‘One oak drops crimsoned leaves next to sculptures music and I art-stepped into the dirt.’
    The idea of loved ones touching us through the veil is so appealing.

  8. Love love love and love. Love!
    Love that quote from Terry P and love your post and your poem even more. You are really good with that form (which I struggle with and always think it seems somehow too affected when I try it). Really good.
    Thinking of you too Magaly, and sending love to you in NYC. XOXO

  9. Some will never die until the earth itself is dead. I can think of a few written thoughts that have been around thousands of years. Your written dances may be too!

  10. Those who have gone before dance with us these autumn nights, and in memory they are not so much unchanged, as unspoiled, their most perfect selves, known in ways we neglected to pay attention enough to know in life–wherever they now rest or flit. This is full of human warmth and love, and yes, hope. A beautiful ending to the month, Magaly.

  11. where I keep you warm and bright,
    alive through laughter and dance.

    There is an element of happiness in sacrificing for a loved one here. It gives a great feeling Magaly!


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