Wholed by Ink

Over at the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, Kerry invited us to write a poem inspired by Clarence White’s Morning. The image—a woman in a nightgown, sitting on the edge of a tub, thinking… in front of a window—made me think of moonlight, storytelling and such. So, here’s my poem:


I am dark stories
glittering, ragged wings
wholed by ink,
nightlight risen
through shadow and storm.


the finished piece brought to mind this painting by Shelle Kennedy

also, the original poem is a blackout

this is what it looked like before the inking and stitching


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71 thoughts on “Wholed by Ink”

  1. We always have in our minds the darker side of life which we explore when our brains are idle. It is as though the brain fidgets a little then she throws a few teasers at us to bring out the wild in us. (Yes, my brain is female, so am I mixed up?!)

  2. Another brilliant title, ‘Wholed by Ink’. Coincidentally, yesterday I attended an exhibiton of print artists, one of whom is a friend of mine, with demonstrations by three of them. One of the women does amazing things with textures and it made me think of you. And now, here’s a poem with ink! I love it!

  3. That k you for sharing your creative process.. I am fascinated by the way image and words come together to inspire art.

  4. I love the mood you created with your blackout poem. Dark,..’through shadow and storm’. It works so well with the picture. Makes me want to hang around for more!

  5. Shelle’s Siren portrays your words so wonderfully. *Is it time you two made a colab illustrated book of poems? I’d buy it for sure* XXX

  6. Magaly, there’s something special/magical about the night and its accompanying darkness that liberates the soul, to speak to us, which daylight denies.

  7. What an awesome poem! I liked the way the blackout photos seemed so rhythmic with each letter selected. 🙂

  8. Gorgeous haunted poetry..so ghostly and ethereal….your words take me into another world..romantic-gloom/gothic/dreamy/spooky..all things I love! The art is mesmerizing and so perfect for your words. I always feel like you have dusted me with magic after visiting here..you are powerful and beautiful my friend!

    and now..I get to catch up on your gorgeous posts!
    PS: the blackout poetry and pics are amazing.

    PSS: I have been fondly remembering last summer when I recieved your amazing poetic stitched art( I treasure it) and your beautiful freaks fest that got me back into writing again..deep thanks for the beauty you share and your inspiring world.

    • One of these days, I might have to title a story “Romantic-Gloom Gothic Dreamy Spooky”.

      I’m so glad to read you, Victoria. You’ve been missed. And I’m delighted one of my stitched bits shares space with you.

      And we are just 3 months away from the next Beautiful Freaks Fest! How cool is that? 😀

  9. Brilliantly captured in your words; the image of a woman in a nightgown, sitting on the edge of a tub, thinking…

    Also, it’s lovely to see your behind the scenes of how you birth your beautiful and moving poetry.

  10. So many people are unwilling to acknowledge the dark stories they carry around within themselves. Pity. It’s the dark stories that are the most interesting.

  11. Dark stories always resonate more with me. This is a beauty, and hard to believe it started as a blackout poem. Also, the art is a perfect match to the words.

  12. Pitch dark nights with just a luminous night light to shelter from storm, I can only imagine the shadows cast… perfect words brought forth a feminine glow… you weave magic Ms Wicked xox

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