Wild Magic

The story or poem that used to live here is being rewritten… or, is on its way to a new home. But worry not, I’d never leave you without something to read. Just click the following links, and you’ll be able to delight in the newest Stories and Poems I’ve published on this blog.

75 thoughts on “Wild Magic”

  1. Something… deep, connected with this… an animalistic yearning, a hunger never satisfied, an unrequited touch… (or maybe it’s the full moon)? LOVVVVE & thank you for giving this seductive femme fatale these tasty words 😉 Wicked & wild magic!

  2. *focus ..need to focus on names lol* Sebastian, Nathan, and (showing my ignorance) what name is “Fire” is Spanish?…*has images of flames licking, tongue like and “long fingers” as charring sticks* XXX

    • In Spanish, fire is Fuego. Fuego would be such a hysterical name. I love the name Sebastian, but we can’t give it to this guy–Sebastian is the name of AlmaMia’s first crush. She might not appreciate sharing. You know our wild girl can be rather possessive. 😀

  3. Oh the magic that can be done with a skilled tongue!

    *snicker* Prurient thoughts aside, there was something sort of sweet in that he doesn’t run from her want, but finds a way to satisfy them both. I’m a sucker for a sweet center in a lusty story.

  4. I’m kind of where Rommy is on this–delighted by the voice, screams included, for a scream is the extreme reaction to all intense things, good as well as bad–and this poem-tale is full of a wild intensity. Also charmed by the way tongues find a way around the loudest noise to the truth inside it, especially the need for comfort. I love your ongoing dream, Magaly, and how you get so much into 55 words continues to amaze. As for names, I’m not sure he is not more potent without one …but…perhaps, not Edgar, but Allen?

    • Tongues can fix just about anything, when properly applied.

      And you know what? I think my muse will make her choice very early. She really likes the idea of an anonymous lover. Yep, she really does.

  5. I cant get past the vacant stare in Shelle’s awesome art. As for the fiery lustful one, I can only think perhaps Eros, Jr. Hmmm, did Gods have Juniors? Nah!
    OMG those eyes!

    • I know, right? I have been looking at her face for years, seriously. I told Shelle about it, how I wanted to know what her subject was thinking, so I would have to write it. At first I thought the look meant that she didn’t care, then I started to wonder if she was just trying to keep people out… because she, better than anyone, knew how dangerous she can be.

    • I just hate making people feel uncomfortable, you know? I’ve always notice that they don’t scream nearly as loud (or as quickly), when shyness is the first thing they see. Yes, shyness should come first.

  6. Whew! I have to stop reading this when I am home alone! (Wipes brow, fans sweaty….well, I’ll stop there!lol) Your writing is hot!
    Names, hmmm. Francisco, Sean, and William!

    • Nah… my muse, the character in this story, and I suspect that the Christian devil needs to focus all his speaking and pyrotechnic skills on the inflamed souls of those who believe in him. I mean, there are so many of them. So, no, that thing wouldn’t find his way into any of my stories.

  7. No-one does this better than you! And Shelle’s picture too – what a combination!

    I remember a particular long-fingered gent with magical tongue, whose name was Graeme. Which seems a mild name for such a one, but maybe a mild and gentle name would be a lovely contrast? Otherwise – Oberon, Paladin, Laszlo, Miguel … something a tad exotic.

    • Shelle’s art is always a source of inspiration. I’m extremely happy that she lets me write about them and share the stories. If not, I would find myself writing way too many stories for my eyes only. 😀

      Mild and gentle are often great at excitement.

  8. Thanks again… my images get another dimension, real and fully formed via your magic Ms Wicked…. & thanks for the sweet comments from others, Inspires me to paint more, so very much appreciated ❤️
    Anyhow, I came back, to write a name…
    I had others, love all those mentioned here… but wanted to add one more xox

  9. Oh I love these words and Shelle did a perfect beauty. Yes, the look on her face tells many stories indeed! I would call him Rob, or Robber, because he steals love only for his sin and lust. Sound familiar? Big Hugs to you my friend! Lotsa Love, R

  10. My goodness! I love the wildness of your words and how they make me want to explore the unknown!❤️ Hmm.. I believe our long fingered gent should be called:

    1) Christopher
    2) Ethan
    3) Vincent

  11. This is perfect… I always knew that size is not all that matters if you have strong tongue.

    His name could be Silvanus, Erebus or Thor

  12. This is brilliantly – and so naturally – sketched … which I think is trickier to pull off in sensual poetry, than it might appear at first pass … on account of it feeling so natural and free.

    I’m afraid I’m not very good (or perhaps not confident) naming characters – and thus, tend to shy away from it, altogether … which is probably something I should sort out before my entire writing repertoire consists of mysterious strangers and ‘hey, you’s’. However, my mind did go in the direction of pirates (the name their mother gave them, before they became Long John’s and Black Beard’s ~ lol ~)

    • I’ve always felt that naturalness of behavior is one of the most difficult things to write, so that it looks natural. So, thanks so much for your words.

      Now I can’t stop thinking of pirates, lol!

  13. Magaly, your world is magnificent! I love-love your beautiful kind of lusty madness…wild magic indeed!! Gorgeously written, every word savored …and devoured!! your poems move through me, you are a force!

    Love the art , her face is so haunting! and your blackout poem is beautiful!
    This was a such a decadent realm to visit today!

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