Wild Wants and Wicked Grins

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53 thoughts on “Wild Wants and Wicked Grins”

  1. I like her ‘wicked grin’. Fits the picture choice-hidden there. A nice Tanka, Magaly, I like how you turned her around in the last two lines.

  2. I like your choice of print. It is very dreamy but the red hair shows passion, of which there is plenty in your tanka.

  3. And what an awesome epitaph that makes 😀 Mine will just read “Dance”..just to piss off anyone who was planning on doing it as an insult lol 😉 XXX

  4. Fine epitaph — “Chant her words into your world /and her soul will dance in bliss” — far more interactive than the norm and serves also as epigraph for any book of poems!

  5. Oooh❤️ this is deliciously dark and haunting, Magaly 😀 I love the idea of “wild wants and wicked grins, never fearing death.” Beautifully executed!❤️

    Lots of love,

  6. Luv your fearless offering today
    Hope you had a nice Birthday

    The double dutch Birthday response from Sanaa prompt is at 381, And my Ekphrasis for today is at 382 at my blog ‘verses’

    much love…

  7. That first line makes me so happy. “wild wants and wicked grins”
    (What else could one ask for?)

    This reminds me a bit of something from Psalm 31: She is clothed with strength and dignity, and she laughs, with no fear of the future.

    • I’ve always thought that fear is a terrible thing to shroud the future with. So marching (or dancing) forward without it clutching our desires and dreams seems like a wonderful thing.

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