Witches in Fiction 2015… Death Rites and Remembrances

Witches in Fiction 2015
Witches in Fiction is an art-full event for likeminded people who wish to celebrate short fiction, poetry, crafts, painting, sculptures, myths, and all the artful things that bring smiles (and the occasional cackle) into a world with witches and magic in it (details and instructions after the party lists).

Party List
Catch a Fire (Sarah)
Daydream Believer (Gina)
Diary of Bones (Bones, aka Katy Magee)
Dreaming of Rosemary (Georgina)
Emotion (Sometimes) Recollected in Tranquility (Esther)
Gypsy Spirit Rising (Holly)
Kestril’s Rhythms and Groove (Rommy)
LeeSmithBlog (Witchyy)
Little Gothic Horrors
Magaly Guerrero
Ms Misantropia
Notes from the Underground (Ashtoreth)
Olde Baggs ‘n Stuft Shirts (Oma Linda)
Pen and Feather (Sharon)
Rue and Hyssop (Jen)
The Scrawler’s Wall (Ben)
She Who Seeks (Debra)
Sunshine Shelle
Verse Escape (Hedgewitch)

Party Sponsors
Alchemy & Ashes
Gothic Miniatures
Magic Love Crow
Sunshine Shelle
Three Cats and a Broom
Touch of the Goddess

This year’s theme is Death Rites and Remembrances; meaning that we can write, or paint, or sculpt… pieces about rituals associated with death and how we celebrate, honor and/or remember those whose flesh has left the world of the breathing.

Need an example? Well, I’m adding a few: “Praying Him into an Angel”, a short story; “My Memories in Your Whiskey”, a poem; “Carnival of Bones” and “Till Death We Do Part”, by Sunshine Shelle, paintings; Eliora’s “Loved One Honoring Ritual Chest”, crafts; “You Should Dance When I Die”, poem/post combination (the post part could stand alone as an example of a ritual related to death)… These are just a handful of ideas to spark your imagination. You can choose to post about anything from banshees to professional mourners to graveyard curiosities to why different cultures approach death and dying in such different ways. Through this event, I wish for us to explore death as a part of life… by using the arts that make us feel alive.

Rules, Dates, Logistics and Such:
To participate, tell me why you’re joining Death Rites and Remembrances; include a link to your blog at the end of your comment, and I’ll add your name to the Party List (see below).
Your entry must focus on death rituals. Witches and magic motifs are optional. And extremely cool, of course… Then again, I might be a tad biased. 😉
Join the party (leave a comment and link) before the end of October 15th.
Try to publish your party post around Midnight, Oct. 17th, 2015, EDT. On the Day of the party, I’ll provide a place for your direct link; said place will serve as archive.
* This last bit is not a rule, but it would be really nice if you grabbed the party button and added it to your site… and Blogged about this entry… and Share it around the web… and Danced merrily because you’re loved and alive.

That’s all I have for now, my Luvs. Questions? Ask them here. Suggestions? Make them here. Feel like cackling? Go for it; it’s good for you. And I’ll will see your cackle and raise you a roar. Oh, and if you change your mind after joining the party, please send me an email as soon as you can, and I’ll remove your name from the list.

And yes, there will be giveaways… as always.

* The party theme was inspired by a friend who lost a bit of her soul earlier this year… But what death took hasn’t kept her from celebrating the memories or the miracle of being alive.

* “Till Death We Do Part”, the art for the party banner, is the work of the deliciously talented, Michelle Kennedy of Sunshine Shelle. I do hope you feel the urge to grab the party button and add it to your sidebar *cough, cough, cough*.

Witches in Fiction 2015, button

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65 thoughts on “Witches in Fiction 2015… Death Rites and Remembrances”

  1. Sign me up… The one-year anniversary of my uncle’s passing is in less than a month. My grandmother had her foot amputated this past Tuesday, and during the scans pre-op they found shadows on her lungs. They say it’s metastasized cancer. But she’s 94. They’re not going to do anything, because anything they do is riskier than doing nothing.

    I was kind of freaked out when my mother said, when I was talking to her after the surgery, that the Jewish burial society was making arrangements to bury the leg. I’d forgotten that according to Jewish law, every part of the body must be buried. But the image of the leg being lowered into the ground and covered with dirt… I wonder if they say any prayers over it, and if when she dies, she’ll be buried in the same plot…

    So yeah, I can write some stuff. I’d like to write about some morbid parties (using morbid here with full awareness of its etymological sense – dark celebration!)

    My writing blog: http://thequarrelwithmyself.wordpress.com

    • I hope your grandma is not in too much pain.

      I can’t wait to read your post. There are so many death rituals out there that seem extreme, and certainly “morbid”, when we think of them. It will be very nice to read about the believe behind the practice.

  2. Beloved Magaly, you know I’d never miss your party. Count me in.

    I’m especially find of remembering the dead, because they remember me. My grandmother shows up often, and an old friend has been popping up – the smell of cigarette smoke appearing when there is no reason for it to be there. Love these visits!

  3. Wooo, and may I add – a big hoo! Your parties are always the coolest – and with great giveaways 😉 I would love to join. I started on a Dia de los Muertos diorama earlier this summer, and this would be the perfect time to finish it – n’est-pas?

    BUT, I am planning on having EVERYTHING under control by the 17th of October, but I am joining with the caveat that I might be burried under books, gasping for air at that time 🙂

  4. Count me in, my lovely! Someday I’ll be a death midwife, and possibly a birth midwife as well, and I will hold space for those going out as well as those coming back in.

    • I replied to this message. I said something about how you should kick the idea and then write the tale down while the idea is still twitching on the floor. I’ve no clue where the first reply went…

  5. I am sorry if I offended you in any way. I always do that, respond directly at one’s blog instead of mine, so that they see my response. I haven’t yet left a comment to this post because I have been thinking of whether I can participate, I always want to, but always hesitant to write poetry in English.
    Feel free to tell me if this doesn’t feel okay to you. If so, again I am sorry.
    Brightest blessings.

    • “fun and lighthearted” and even hysterical (for anyone who has attended a funeral in the Dominican Republic). I’m so glad you are joining. I just know that there will be giggles. And if we don’t laugh about death, then we’ll cry. The former is best, methinks. 😀

  6. Shit, too busy listening to F-ing politics BUT…
    You know I’m am so IN, & you know I am so going to sponsor somehow, & you KNOW I am so freaking happy to see my art as your button… like THANK YOU!!!!!!

    • I’ve been keeping my eye on that painting for ages–the expression on her face says so many things: she’s in pain, relief because she doesn’t feel completely alone, sad because it will never be the same… so much.

      And of course you are in. We can’t have a proper party without our Sunshine. 😉

      • *Hugs!* Thank you, my dear. Yes, my ink has been spilling out into drawn tangled miniature worlds lately — Zentangles lend themselves so perfectly to my work-a-day world — but the calm is allowing ideas to incubate and grow.

        Time, on the other hand, well, I’m still working on wrangling Kronos into submission to my will. *wicked grin*

    • It’s not problem. You won’t be the only one. The particular bit is more of a friendly reminder–there are always people who wait until the last minute, even the next day *cough, cough, Shelle*, but I don’t mind too much. I read it anyway. I make the note because there are people who only stop by on the day of the party–I don’t want they to miss the yum. 😉

  7. http://lovelightandwine.blogspot.com/
    What a beautiful event this year. The web will be ablaze with the light of a thousand fires inside the hearts of loved ones honoring those they’ve lost to Death. I lost a piece of my soul this past April, but my little Pirate Angel’s spirit will always be with me, will live always in my heart. I can see her now in my minds eye…fiery little sprite.

    • You’ve filled my mind with wee Pirate Angels with wings of fire.

      Those we love–my grandma, your dad, my little brother, your Pirate Angel…–will live as long as we keep their memories alive.

      I believe you’re correct, this party will be bright and alive… ♥

  8. Magaly I have just by accident(or subconsciously prompted by reading this yesterday) written a poem which in my own twisted way I feel deals with your subject. I was wondering if you would let me participate, even though it is of course(knowing me) on the dark side and not particularly about witches. I don’t feel I should be eligible for any giveaways or anything, but thought it would just be nice to give your theme the credit, since it made the poem happen.

    • The party, which won’t take place until October 17th, is about death and its rituals… if something witchy is added to a piece, then glorious, but it’s not a requirement.

      Feel free to share that the party theme is sending subliminal signals. 😀 I can’t wait to read it.

      Hm, now I’m wondering if you might consider joining the party and write something for it on the 17th–I’ve never read something you’ve written that I haven’t loved.

      • After visiting your blog, and not finding the poem my mind was expecting, I came back to reread your comment. Of course you can participate! In my over-excitement, I thought you had published a poem already… Yes, I can get confused all by myself.

        About giveaways and such, anyone who visits during the parties and leaves comments can enter the giveaways. Witches in Fiction is an end-of-witchy-year celebration. And what’s a celebration without a gift (or seven)?

        I shall add your blog to the party list! ♥

  9. Hi dearheart!

    I am not sure yet if I will have enough time to join the fun (currently I am in the process of updating my very neglected blog!), yet I will try to read the interesting blog posts. Thanks for organizing something so inspiring once again — you rock!!!

    Many, many greetings from Munich,

  10. My painting wouldn’t fit in! What I am going to try to do, is paint something new for the party! Cross fingers, I finish it! Going to put a link to your party on my side bar now ;o) Hugs ;o)

    • I had already posted the party post when I read this. 🙁 You know how I love your photography. But there will be other parties, and since a few other people asked me about sponsoring at the last minute, we could always put something else together soon. I will email you (after the madness is not so mad). 🙂

    • Since my beloved Oma does no wrong, I went ahead and added your link to the Party List. Still, don’t forget to add a comment with your title and link to today’s post. I like using the comments session as an archive. ♥

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