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I was sitting in bed the other night, browsing through Remedios Varo: Unexpected Journeys, and waiting for some information to load into My HealtheVet, the VA’s online personal health record system, when my Piano Man said, “It will be so awesome to reread your blog in twenty years.”

I followed his eyes to my laptop—it was showing one of the first posts I ever wrote about us. I nodded slowly, thinking, It will be something, won’t it?

It might sound silly, my Wicked Luvs, but I’ve never really thought about it. I mean, of course I’ve considered that my blog would make a decent record for anyone who might want to read about me now and in the future, but the idea of me (or my Piano Man and I) silvered, our skins generously wrinkled with living, sitting in front of a computer, two decades from now, reading about our first “Kissing break!” never painted itself in my mind this clearly. The mental picture kept me smiling until my eyes went to sleep… and it’s making me grin as I type these words.

There are so many people who believe blogging to be something trivial, a bit ridiculous, even a huge waste of time. But you know what? This kind of electronic records are going to be the precious journals of years to come. And I really, really, really like that.

While on the topic of cyber journaling, here is my semi-set blogging plan: Mondays will be for poetry, Wednesdays for fiction, and Fridays will alternate between Witchy Living (current happenings in the life of moi), Rereading My Pratchett, and Bits from my Pagan Culture; except the last Friday of the month, which will be dedicated to The Magaly Gazette.

What about you, my Wicked Luvs, what are your thoughts when considering blogging, social media and what these might mean for you (and others) in the future?

The Weaver of Verona, by Remedios VaroThe Weaver of Verona, by Remedios Varo

I love this painting because I see The Weaver’s past floating on the ceiling, perhaps in case she wants to use it; her present seems to consist of  weaving her living and what’s to come; the latter flies out of The Weaver’s house, blood-red and full of life, still linked to her. This looks so much like the Circle of Life… for I think that The Weaver will become another echo of herself, and Red will return to live the present and weave tomorrow.

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  1. This is one of the reasons I take many photos of the items I create. I have literally thousands of them saved to a secure hard drive. Someday, when I am older and greyer, and no longer able to handle a paintbrush or a jewelry pliers – I can look upon photos of my work and remember the love and the energy.

    I love your new writing schedule. The image you chose is, as always, perfect.

  2. Funny thing – I was thinking of coming up with a similar schedule for my blog too. LOL, I don’t think I’m up to a short story *every* week – especially if I’m trying to get some larger than blog size ones ready. But something creative and something about life at the mo’ each week seems doable. 🙂

    • Great (dirty) minds and all… LOL!

      When I say “poetry” and “fiction”, I don’t always mean stories and poems. For instance, I want to go back and analyze some of my earlier, I will use Wednesday for it. The same goes for some of Hedgewitch’s poems that refuse to leave my head, and a couple of your characters, too…

  3. I’ve had many discussions and thoughts about archiving the self. I had an anonymous blog once where I talked about a difficult situation. I deleted that blog now, because it got too personal and I was afraid someone would identify me, but before I deleted it I printed out almost every post (almost every one, because I didn’t realize I had missed a few…) I read them over recently, and it was so great to reflect on the journey I’ve had through that, to see the thoughts I had about it before I even knew I was on a journey, and to remind myself that in ten years I might not think about things the way I do now. This archiving thing can be painful, both to write and to read later, but it is so useful.

    I also keep multiple copies of drafts of everything I write – poetry, fiction, and academic – for the same reason, and I took photos of my room every step of the way as I moved in – it’s important, this process, not just the end result. And it affects us in so many different ways when we look back at that process.

    • Looking into the past can really redden our eyeballs, especially if we look back too early. The massive joy is obtained when we can look back and smile while shaking our heads, not truly believing that we felt the way we did about certain things… like the monsters we feared that after some years are reduced to laughable memories.

      I bet that you look back at the process and love it!

  4. figure that if you enjoy blogging, then phoo on those who snivel ‘trivial’. Life’s not all about them, anyway.

  5. Ooooh… I have “plan” envy! I’ve been feeling so overwhelmed over the past few days that I’ve been chasing my tail, achieving very little. Next stop will be Rommy’s story and then the computer goes off. I need to make a plan and start ticking a few things off the loooooooong to-do list… including a certain vampire dolly who needs her head attached to her body. 😉

    • Don’t be too envious, this is just the blogging part. I am still working on a schedule that dances well between my writing, my exercising, my eating (I never realized that timing one’s meals was so time consuming!). But we’ll get it done!

      I’ve been thinking about wee Dru… I might have picked a spot for her *cough*. 😀

  6. I agree–I think these blogs, when we are long gone, will be artifacts of our time, and our common humanity, ourselves doing what humans do, living lives of a certain simplicity, a frightening complexity; just like old Civil War journals or even heiroglyphs they will tell our times through the medium of us in all its naked truth. Assuming the grid does not explode and destroy them all, of course. ;_)

    • We might have to start thinking of the Ellen approach (she is thinking about printing her posts). After putting so much work into this, an posthumous explosion would suck the life out of the whole thing, lol!

  7. I, too, take pictures of my creations and save to a hard drive. As for writing, I have carted around a tub full of file folders that has old writing (even some from high school) in it. I keep telling myself I need to go through it for some of the same reasons you cited. Maybe even get it all on to the computer so I don’t have the heavier than I can lift tub around anymore. The plus to blog sites is that they don’t take up space like older picture albums, scrapbooks, and tubs full of paper! Good plan, too!

    • I spent almost a year scanning my papers. It was bliss after I was done. Did I get rid of the paper copies… I rather not discuss that particular detail (or pack-rat syndrome, lol!).

  8. well, that’s really why I started blogging. my sister does genealogy and mostly what we know about our predecessors is names and dates of birth and death, or maybe what unit they served in in whatever army but really nothing about who they were as people and what their daily lives were like. so my blog is a record of my life for my descendants, assuming I will have some that never knew me. eventually, I will get the years printed out and bound into a book or two.

    • I would pay to see what your descendents, a few generations from now, will think of the picture where you are wearing that magnificent hat with a feather. I so love that picture. 😀

  9. Hi! One sunny day all long weekend, grrrrrr…….recently got Netflix! now hiding in another make be leave realm ….
    Sunday morning, finally sunshine and visiting my fav…peeps . I hear you Emma, I too, am feeling uninspired and blah! My petulance will kick in and I will snap out of it! I hope :)))
    Huge Big Waves! xxoxoxo

  10. I think it is a beautiful thing, when our soulmates just drop a loving bombshell of awareness into our lives. I agree that this electronic journalling is way under rated 😀 XXX

  11. I agree <3 I think our blogs are permanent vestiges of our lives, with pictures to boot. Mostly good things, some bad that put things in perspective. Just a reflection of what we deemed worthy of chatting about. Beautiful <3

  12. I have the biggest smile about you and your Piano Man. And, you know what came to my mind? Thinking about the first kiss between My Bear and I ;o) Whenever that will be! LOL!
    Blogging is like a journal, I agree. I just have been bad about keeping it up for the past 2 years! LOL! But, when I look back, it will be a record about what was happening in my life ;o)
    Hugs ;o)

  13. YES! My one regret is that I didnt keep a journal all those incredible years, and that I came to blogging so late in life…..the record of one’s journey is priceless in the years when one wants to look back and remember – the sad thing being, one FORGETS so much of it if it isnt written down. Your blog will be a treasure trove of fascinating and colorful tales……..you will be so glad you did this. Trust me. I know these things.

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