…with Heart-Bits in It

I have always felt deeply (perhaps even peculiarly) attracted to trees and dirt and frogs and bones. Growing up in a farming village filled my soul (and brain *thank goodness for that*) with a sense of respect for the land (you truly appreciate Nature and her ways, if her moods directly dictate what you get to eat, where you get to go). In my childhood, no ritual was as natural or as important as those attached to the harvest of rice, coffee, and cacao beans.

In those now gone summers and autumns, I didn’t think of what we did as ritualistic. It was just living. We cooked the first cauldron of rice in the field (the growers always ate the first bite). We danced and sang as we roasted coffee beans (dancing and singing and laughter enriched the taste of the brew, the Old used to say). We did witchy things without calling it witchery. I didn’t use the term “witch” to describe how I relate to nature and her gifts, until I felt the need to help others understand what I did. Saying, “I’m a wild witchy woman” is much easier (okay, simpler) than calling myself a lover of trees and dirt and rain and Dark Moon nights and sex and dance and words and smiles that come from the gut and life…

I love sharing things in ways we can all understand what I mean (well, I try). This is one of the reasons why I changed my blog’s tagline from “Poetry, fiction, and other Dark bits with Bright in them” to “Poetry and fiction with heart-bits in it”. I’m not dropping the dark and bright tag because I think my writing isn’t exactly that… Not at all. I’m choosing heart-bits because the phrase does a better job at describing what I write.

Other Bits

– The delightfully bastardish Facebook idiotic Team keeps on marking most of the links I share (from my blog) as spam. I have asked about it, and it was suggested that people who follow me (or who follow others who follow me) are labeling my blog links as spam. This makes no sense to me… Why would anyone follow a person whose work they don’t want to see? I mean, just stop following me. Or, unfriend me. Or, ask whoever might be sharing my posts with you to stop doing it. I will continue dealing with it (for a bit). Any advice?

– If we are friends on Instagram, you might’ve noticed that I’ve changed my URL from @magalyguerreroindarkerwords to @wordsbymagalyguerrero. This shouldn’t affect our interaction, but I wanted to tell you anyway… I’m feeling rather rambly (and adverby).

– If you’ve yet to help me choose the direction in which “This Lingering Maybe” will go, please visit the 55-word tale and choose 1 of 3 paths. I’ll write the next chapter tomorrow.

bits I’ve shared on Instagram
because… why not, right?

My id is a poet
in love with strange.

Love understands wild,
weird and me.

bee, the one
keeping things blooming
bright and wild

33 thoughts on “…with Heart-Bits in It”

  1. I love your new definition. Heart bits are a wonderful way of explaining how your work affects your audience. Readers know when you are not being authentic with your word. No one has to worry about that with your writing. It is very clear that you are, indeed, sharing treasured heart bits with us.

  2. Beautiful post..I love everything you wrote..and all the images you have conjured of your summers and autumns ! Magical! Nature, her creatures and all she embodies..is everything to me and makes my soul dance. so I totally relate.

    Gorgeous id poem…and all the poems and visuals of course!
    Lovely new name change…shine on!

  3. I think people who are not connected to trees and dirt and frogs and all that earthy goodness must be a little mentally ill. as you say, we owe our very lives to it. we flourish when we dance in harmony.

  4. What a feast this blog post is……..loved it all, especially the description of your childhood, which was such a rich one, culturally speaking. I dont understand the facebook thing, it makes no sense.

  5. I don’t understand how FB can just block your post links based on someone marking them as spam?!!! WTF?!!! Anyone could just go around marking things as spam out of mischief, jealousy, a vendetta… The whole thing sucks!!! Grrr….

    And I ❤ you no matter what name you choose to describe yourself and your creative goodness! ^_^

  6. hahaha..like what you did with the title…”heart bits” can be lovingly sincere OR gruesomely bloody 😀 Guess we are all feeling the need to “tidy” in preparation for longer nights of Winter XXX

    • Bwahahaha! I’m totally transparent, aren’t I? And, oh yes, I’m definitely feeling the tug of the cold to come–I’ve been rearranging books, messing with closets, fixing crafting supplies and so on…

  7. “Heart bits”, I love that!! I just read Gina’s comment, that’s very good! Both you girls are clever! Sincere or gruesomely bloody!! 🙂
    Spam?? I don’t understand. But, I do know, the short time I was on Facebook, people who don’t like you, like to keep track of you, if that makes sense?
    I wish there was a bigger place than Facebook! Maybe we should make one!
    Big Hugs 🙂

  8. Yes! This: “dancing and singing and laughter enriched the taste of the brew, the Old used to say” is what I believe too, though I wasn’t raised that way. Though now that I think of it I believe my grandmother did hum as she baked. I love this look at your earlier life, and the wonder and magic of a culture that was so connected to the land!

  9. I always feel that your writing comes from the heart, and so “with Heart-Bits in it” works quite well. Love the glimpse into your child and way of living; respect for land and celebrating harvest. A beautiful and rich childhood!

  10. Hi Magaly dear!

    Hope you =and your family in Caribbean are fine!!! …

    I am away from blogging, not getting much inner energy and wish to write anything, too stuck in daily routine, but eagerly looking for some way out.

    Keep on writing with bits of your heart, we will share ours.

    take care!

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