With Soil, Sweat and Grit

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62 thoughts on “With Soil, Sweat and Grit”

  1. An intense in-the-moment sense of place; makes me wish I could still hike again–but through you, I feel the thrill, solace, & beauty of such a place. I like the line /my tree sisters don’t mind sharing their dead bones with a soul who cares for their green/.

  2. Well, Glenn beat me to it, but the line that caught me up in this was: my tree sisters don’t mind sharing their dead bones with a soul who cares for their green. Also enjoyed the concept of “skyclad” and, perhaps above all, that wonderful dog. I’m smiling.

  3. I would love to take a dip and remove that grit and sweat too ~ The pup looks too happy & lazy to be worrying about dirt, smiles ~

    Thanks for joining us Magaly ~

  4. This is very, very good. You have a fantastic ear.

    This is, by far, my favorite line: “Before the sun can twilight the tips of treetops, I pitch our tent.”

  5. I love to hike, and pitch a tent, but I would love the night to be so balmy so I could walk skyclad into the water… The thought of tree sisters giving up their dead bones is great.

  6. It’s so much fun to share the outdoors with a friend, particularly when it’s a dog. Enjoyed reading this very much.

  7. With shelter and grub set for the night,
    I peel off my threads and run skyclad

    Wise to have everything set and not jump in when other things in disarray. Great lines Magaly!


  8. Dogs know when they are in trouble.
    They show shame though it’s undeserved
    Think they don’t know what for unless
    Unless you catch them in the act

    Nice writing, Magaly. I was there with you, wishing I too were swimming. The term, ‘skyclad’ is new to me. The Urban Dictionary told me:
    “skyclad. (adj.) To be naked, specifically during spiritual ritual (pagan/wiccan). ”
    Now I know a new word, though in context of your sweet poem, I knew.

    • And after they get to know you well, they only need one look at your face to know that they are in trouble. Dogs and small children behave in rather similar ways, methinks. 🙂

      The regular dictionary would describes “skyclad” as “naked”. The word predates the religion of Wicca, but yes, the term is use in a lot of Witch lore.

  9. You have some wonderful phrases in this. I love “Before the sun can twilight the tips of treetops”. You found such a delightful way of telling us the time!

  10. I liked the prose approach to the poem, like the hike itself crossing an interior to find a sanctum that poises perfectly between grit (happy dog-soul) and cleanse (the haibun). Yes.

  11. I love that second paragraph…it’s just wonderful! You’ll never hear complaints from the four-legged variety of hiking partners. Sounds like a wonderful time together.

  12. I love your words, how you can twist them around. Your dog looks like my granddaughter Daisy. Hmmm…we may have doggy twins, lol!

    Not sure if I can do this one, my brain is still a little mush. Might be a good day to catch up with visiting, I am so far behind. Hugs, Rasz

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