Worry Not, My Wicked Luvs, Drusilla and Maelynn this Way Come

Some of you read that I Was Drowning under Waves of Boiling Rage… Before Being Rescued by a Heart Bright with Stars, Red Fabric under Black Lace, and a Grenade Full of Daisies, but missed Writing with the Cyber Punches. Because of this, I’ve received several emails from Wicked Darlings wanting to know if I was going “to stop posting [my] fiction online”. The short answer is: no, I will not stop.

The long answer is more involved. Let’s just say that the theft left me a bit pen-shy for a day or three… Then the rage ebbed, the Muse told me to stop being ridiculous, and common sense reclaimed her spot at the wheel of my brain-housing group.

I’m going back to posting a piece of fiction (or a poem set in one of my fictional worlds), every week. Here is a more than tentative schedule of what’s to come:
• Mar 17th – Laila Flynn, part 4: “Skintight
• Mar 25th – Lum and Darlene
• Apr 1st – Neglect NaPoWriMo
• Apr 8th – Red Veiled NaPoWriMo
• Apr 11th – Laila Flynn, part 5 (for Oma Linda’s Shadow of Oz)
* Edited on March 20, 2015: I completely forgot about April being a month for poetry (NaPoWriMo). I will still publish the 5th part of Laila Flynn, but Neglect and Red Veiled will be held until May. I will share detailed updates in a day or three.

After the second week of the cruellest month, I shall alternate between tales of Maelynn del Monte and Drusilla; or, Camp Cute, Creepy (and Quite Conveniently) Remote… as well as the stories of a young woman you’ve yet to meet. I will share the details behind my choices in a future post. Fly over to my Stories page, if you wish to read about the characters and tales I mentioned above.

Railroad Spikes and NailsFor the ones who asked to see my railroad spikes and nails (your creepiness rockeths very mucho, by the way). This is part of it. I figured I should show it bit by bit… I would hate to terrify anyone… too much *muahahaha… cough, haha!*

17 thoughts on “Worry Not, My Wicked Luvs, Drusilla and Maelynn this Way Come”

  1. What Sharon said, although, that Depends. (Yes, I made a stress incontinence joke. I’ve been crossing my damn legs every time I sneeze since I was 26. And that was, oh… five years ago. Six. Six years. Maybe seven…)

  2. Nice spikes! I saw a lot of railway spikes as a kid, living right beside the railroad tracks as we did. Also reminds me of a saying my Dad used to use when I was a kid — “He’s so crooked, he’d steal Christ off the cross and go back for the spikes!” Sorry, that’s all the spike-related lore I know.

  3. “set in one of my fictional worlds”

    Now I’m imagining a room with a whole bunch of doors, and Lady Magaly sitting upon a red chaise pondering which doorway she will go through today to enter one of her fictional worlds. 😀

    • Sometimes, I just pick the world of the character who screams to loudest… Other times, I flip a coin… Most times, AlmaMia grabs me by the hand and goes, “Me, me, me!!!” And well, I’m a softie. 😀

  4. Well I’ve been out of the loop for a tiny bit and apparently missed all the (un)fun. So glad you’re still publishing the stories. I read them when I can and deeply enjoy them. xoxo

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