Would You Come and Vernal My Equinox?

Persephone returned home
early Sunday, dressed in snowfalls
and wintry frissons, cheeks kissed
rosy by frolics in ice, aching
for the warmth in Hades’ eyes.

Where are you, dark love,
when my loins need to spring
bright buds into frozen lands?
I want you to come for me,
and Vernal my Equinox.

He came… stimulating her all
to bloom over everything.

Process Note: 2016’s Vernal Equinox is supposed to kiss the Northern Hemisphere tomorrow at 12:30am EDT. The last few days, I’ve heard whispers of snow in the weather forecast. I looked at the sky a bit ago, and saw no signs of snow. Still, all this predicting of snowfalls has my Muse imagining the white stuff all over the ground on the first day of spring.

Wishing the Vernal Equinox blooms you all kinds of yumminess, my Wicked Luvs!

for the Imaginary Garden with Real Toads, Sunday Mini-Challenge
(Outlawyer, AKA Karin, asked us to read a poem written by someone else, “ingest it. Then sit down and write [our] own poem.” I chose to nibble on “Vernal Equinox”, by Amy Lowell.

Hades and Persephone, by Rgveta
“Hades and Persephone”, by Rgveta

47 thoughts on “Would You Come and Vernal My Equinox?”

  1. Brilliant! I love the opening wintery scene and such a unique perspective as Persephone longs for her hot lover.
    Excellent title.

  2. Stunning with sizzle…..the contrasts in the first stanza are perfection for this piece 🙂 And Come “vernal my equinox” is wickedly brilliant. I love how your mind works, Magaly!

  3. I love the imagery in this and the passion that comes in the time of opposites bumping into each other 😉 beautifully done.

  4. Turning the tables to imagine Persephone, not a prisoner, but a lover. Being ever the dutiful daughter, leaving behind the warmth of Hade’s arms to fall into a mother’s embrace! So romantic!

  5. Mmm…this is just wonderful. I love Persephone’s directness in this. No damsel in distress here – unless they both consent to play those sorts of games 😀

  6. He came… stimulating her all
    to bloom over everything.

    The heat of the day can make things blooming again. It works wonders this Equinox when one is to stay indoors! Great lines Magaly!


  7. I love this Magaly–I know I always say that, but then I always do. ;_) This is myth made personal, as all myth really is if we care to connect with it, and the celebration of life it echoes, and of resonating with nature is all your own, as well as being a great riff off the Amy Lowell poem, which is stellar, and for which I thank you for the introduction–not one of hers I’d previously read, though she is a favorite.

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