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I shared this on Instagram and Facebook, and since I want to write the wee story for tomorrow, I thought I should post it here as well:

“I lust after interactive writing (and my head needs to do something with my time in hurry-up-and-wait-for-doctors limbo). So, my Wicked Luvs, let’s story a poem together.

Tell me, what does this piece say to you?

I will expand this senryū into a 55-word story-poem, which will be fed by your responses. Come on, play tales with me… you know you want to.”

So, what say you, m’ Luvs?



15 thoughts on “Write with Me”

  1. Okay… totally going the non-risqué route. Human relationships are hard work at times. I’ve noticed so many younger people who have one argument and think a relationship should end because of it. Or who aren’t willing to accept any flaws in another person… which is madness because we all have flaws. I’m reading “love me hard” as love my faults and challenges, leading to a “better”, more profound love.

  2. Bwahahaha……*joins Gutter Squad* …it’s the hammer….old saying in these parts “It’s not the size of the nail that’s important, but the strength of the hammer that drives it…” CWS XXX

  3. I won’t do the gutter route! LOL!
    I think this is a powerful relationship and the partners, support each other in every way. Letting them to truly be themselves!
    Ok, is that boring? LOL!
    Big Hugs!

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