Written on My Heart’s Skin

Witches in Fiction 2015… Death Rites and Remembrances participants probably noticed that I didn’t publish any new poetry or fiction on October 17th, party day. I shall tell you why, in a day or three. Right now, I’m sharing the bit of poetry the Muse sent my way after I finished reading every Death Rites and Remembrances post… and The Shepherd’s Crown, by Terry Pratchett.

“Written on My Heart’s Skin”

Your smile is written on my heart’s skin,
your voice painted in my bones.

I’ve sculpted you eternal
into life’s dance.
With art and will, I remember you.

If you haven’t delighted in the wonders shared by the Witches in Fiction 2015 partiers, I invite you (even urge you) to give them a go. In my previous post, I’ve listed the party entries and the party giveaways (the latter will remain open until October 20th, 2015, at 10:13 pm, EDT).

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27 thoughts on “Written on My Heart’s Skin”

  1. Magaly, “Written on My Heart’s Skin” is the perfect way to cap off another great Witches in Fiction and to honor those we love, lost, and will always love and remember.

  2. That was beautiful! I hope everything is alright and you are healthy and happy!
    I want to thank you for this blog party. It was the most emotional thing I have ever lived in blogland! A truly powerful experience. I am so glad I was part of it!
    Brightest blessings!!

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