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59 thoughts on “WTF?”

  1. I think we should be celebrating the fact that *you’re here for us*! I think some people forget what a gift it is to actually reach 40. So many people in this world will never be that lucky. I’m glad you’re with us, Glamour Puss! ♥ ♥ ♥

    • I’m right with you, Emma. Some people are so wrapped up around the fact that their bodies might not look as it did when they were, I don’t know, as young as they would like to be, that they forget all they’ve gained with the years. And like you say, the gift that is to be alive. It’s a bit sad, really. It has to be quite terrible to live like that.

  2. Seriously…has this creature nothing better to do than fret how to make her life diminutive? Is she so miserable that she can’t comprehend the joy of passing decade markers?

    • You sound just like my Piano Man, lol. He finds this individual annoying, mildly ridiculous, and completely disconnected. And yes, she is quite miserable. And so difficult to like that no one is fighting really hard to try to make her feel better.

  3. Health is of more concern than age, I think. I’ve probably got more things wrong with me than my parents, and I did long before I was 40.

    Phillip K. Dick said, “Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.”

    You can stop caring about numbers. Pain is pretty real.

    • Health should be more concern than age, since not being healthy might mean that you’d have no aging to worry about… not for long, at least.

      I’ve never cared about the numbers, and I suspect I never will–we rarely change that much at the core. If anything, the older I get the more me I become… and we all know just how much I adore being me. 😀

  4. What, only 40? You might have to wait a while longer for the silver in your hair, dear Spring Chicken! 🙂

    (But I think the wisdom must always have been innate in you, and in real ways you are ageless – like me.)

    • I am growing a delightful witchy stripe (like skunk stripe, but cooler, lol) that slightly disagree with you. It’s like magic–one day all my hair was dark brown, then I woke up with my upcoming cronehood highlighted. I’ve been grinning ever since. My grandma’s hair was curly, completely white, and sooo shiny. I’m hoping to get there and see her smiling at me in the mirror, with my face, telling me, “You were born 40-years-old, Bola ‘e Fuego (Fireball)”. 🙂

    • I am grinning like an insane sun, right now. I can’t wait for my 40s collage–I love taking pics of myself on my birthday, and then setting them side by side with pics from the last few years. It’s just fun to recall what wonders each past year brought, and what this new year might bring.

  5. Mwahahahahaha…….oh to be 40 sexy years old again…wait til 50 hits. If you don’t give a fuck now you will be flying in a whole new universe of DGAF then 😀 XXX

  6. Salt of suffering, silver of wisdom — they are woven of the same stuff, no one without its other. How else are we gonna grow up? Even witches have their cross to bear, burning ones at that. Seriously though, happy birthday. Womanhood just grows more powerful over the years.

  7. Melanin is your friend!..:-) But your words are from an old soul… Enjoy your 40’s have u noticed each decade is unique? I’ve embraced all.. Even tho at the time, I was shocked as I entered each…30 was my ultimate fave…

  8. I believe that there is fair exchange between what you lose and what you gain. The wise witch will know to look for it. The wiser witch will embrace it and her cackles will fill the air! Here’s to your birthday month, fabulous one! We that gather around your brilliant light thank the Universe for the gift of YOU!

    • I love the way you put it, Sharon. I believe you’ve explained it exactly like I feel it. Yes, with the years our flesh and bones might be come less flexible and more demanding, but our minds grow in ways that make the other changes not matter all that much. We shall shine together and cackle until we sparkle!

  9. Oh pay no heed to such malicious creatures who have nothing better to do than to destroy happy moments.. sigh.. I LOVE the artwork 😀 its soo incredibly beautiful!❤️ Psst.. I would say forty is lucky to be turning you! 😉 Cheers!🎂

  10. WTF (What Turning Forty?) Sounds like that ‘friend’ worrying about your needs to unburden the horrific realisation you have a birthday in April to commiserate rather than celebrate would need to reach a thousand years old to gain a grain of wisdom. Love all the comments here, and happy to see Glamour Puss (or any of my art) accompany your words Ms Wicked 😁

    • Some people have… issues. Heck, I’m starting to think that her issues have issues.

      And thank so much for letting my poetry play with your paintings–they really like each other. 😀

  11. Since the passing of a friend at the age of 42, my age doesn’t worry me. Each year I’m alive is a gift, and if I’m a little wrinklier and grayer as a result so be it. Of course being preoccupied over the number on the birthday cake instead of actual medical issues is rather backwards, to put it nicely. I wouldn’t know how to respond appropriately to that (inappropriately, sure).

    • I’m glad to know that. All of it. Since my direct response to her was rather appropriate in its inappropriateness. I think I reacted out of shock, more than anything, but I can’t say that I felt too sorry afterwards.

  12. I read your response about getting silver hair and your grandma calling you Fireball! I like that, it fits, lol! I was thinking “April…isn’t that poetry for the cruelest month?” I swear I am so thick at times. Now I sit here laughing at myself and hope you are too as you read this. Hugs!

  13. 40 is a brilliant age! You sexy girl! I know you will rock it! I have lots of silver greys through my hair right now. Please take care of you!! I know you do, but I just want to make sure you do!!! Big Hugs and here’s to 40!!! (LOVE Shelle’s art!!!) 🙂

  14. Sadly, Magaly, I can relate to your struggle, with health concerns, as I have several months, which I rather sleep away. Congrats, on your reaching this milestone, in your life. Myself, I don’t celebrate my biological birthday, rather, the day, I realized my true self, and stopped hiding, from myself. Love that painting, you selected to accompany this poem.

    • Not a lot of people can claim to have realized their true self–that’s a fantastic thing to celebrate. I’m a lover of holidays and celebrations, so I find myself partying about anything that comes around.

      I hope your health issues become manageable soon.

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