You, Bastard!

I watch you twitch in your dying bed and wonder if the sole of my left boot, pressed hard, hard… against the folds of your neck, would help the world (and me) breathe a little easier. But strangulation would take you from your children much too quickly. I will free you not from the scorn oozing out of their eyes, from the sight of the burdens you’ve filled their hearts with.

January weeps snow salt on Alan Rickman’s frozen smile. “Always”, she says, and clutches Snape tighter, his blood tattooing your greedy deed to her chest. February doesn’t cry; not with Leonard Nimoy no longer breathing in her arms. “I shan’t show any emotion, Mr. Spock”, she tells him, turning her rage into indifference that stinks of your hand. November kneels in a corner, face to the wall and back to you. His eyes are shut, and his right foot is in his mouth. Shame shrouds him, the thought of post-truth weights bigly on his spirit. He mumbles, “Yes, we can” and “I feel the Bern”, but doesn’t know what any of it means.

The rest of your brood sits with Death, Misery and Loss, all their hurting quiet, quiet, quiet… except, December’s—she has been possessed by the rebel fury of Princess Leia. Yes, she is the one kicking your skull, and shouting, “You, bastard!” No, she is not the one flipping you off, that’s The Force in Carrie Fisher… and in most of the feeling world.

die, old thief.
do some good, for once—
die alone

a wee note…
– Yes, my Wicked Luvs, I’m relieved to see 2016 go and hoping that 2017 will bring better things.
– Linked to Poets United (Poetry Pantry, 334)

I borrowed this inspiring (and rather telling) cartoon from Lalo Alcaraz


59 thoughts on “You, Bastard!”

  1. DITTO!.. I was watching a local news station that did a summary of 2016 and would u believe nothing good happened?! as far as the U.S. is concerned… Too many deaths, illogical idiot swaying and succeeding their way… I hope u are right about 2017, right now, am not feeling too positive.

  2. My 2015 was somewhat like this…sigh…could feel your pulse in every word…great work Magaly…may 2017 bring all new joy and hopefulness…Happy New Year dear friend 🙂

  3. My feelings exactly. Not once in the past have I felt similarly for a series of days, but there was something about 2016 that really gave me violent thoughts about a calendar year. Die, die, die!
    Oh, yes happy new year!!!!

  4. You are such an engaging writer.

    These are my favorites:
    “his blood tattooing your greedy deed to her chest”
    “indifference that stinks of your hand”
    “November kneels in a corner”

  5. … And the Russians marched out to start the year, before they march back on mass welcomed by the man they propelled as new president of the free world… Need a brave new world I think, need people to crush greed, the top to topple, Bern the old way, ignite the New Federation, Clarity of Spock, undying love of Snape… a new hope, always xox

  6. Wow!!! Your words spoke the raw truth!! It was a terrible year, not just for the world, but for so many of my friends! I know you have been through so much with your health Magaly!
    2107 has to be amazing for everyone!!!!
    Big Hugs and Much Love 🙂

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