You Will Rot

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59 thoughts on “You Will Rot”

  1. This speaks to exactly what I’m feeling right now. There is someone who would gladly have me “meek, shushed at [her] feet”. And though I did choose my Self, I really do need a visit from the goddess Selfishness to learn to fully reclaim the might to blast the clinging residue away. *sigh*

    And I love that photo of Frida Kahlo and Chavela Vargas!!! ♥

  2. My goodness this is good!❤️ You have given such a strong and fiery voice to ‘Selfishness’ here 😀 especially love; “You want me meek, shushed at your feet? Dumb man-child, your dream will not be—my tongue whips silence” and oh “You (your shouts) and your insecurities will rot before I change my Self.” Beautifully executed!❤️

  3. Love it! We must put on our oxgen mask first and its a shame the one’s we love and care for daily will eat you alive and then expect you to be normal the next day. This is a great bit and speaks to me. I think its time to re-invite Freda to be my badass spirit guide. Have a great week Magaly.

    • People are really strange creatures. And somehow, most of us fail to see just how ridiculous we can be when it comes to trying to push others to act like we think they should. Makes no sense.

      Hope you are having a fantastic week.

  4. Isn’t THAT the best photo… love the joy… I do believe if women were as selfish as men then they would be the prolific artists, the navel gazers, the Jack Kerouac’s, the f-ing Gandi’s… I sometimes really wish I could be, but damned catholic guilt doesn’t allow it, & if I am selfish, well I am just so miserable thinking that I should have NOT been… uggh 🙁
    Love the poem, love the determination, love the sentiment… might just give it a go… then again,,, hahaha 😉

  5. Love the decisiveness of the speaker, that is, putting an end to meekness and reclaiming her power. Nathaniel Hawthorne once said, selfishness is one of the qualities apt to inspire love. And I agree, self-love is very important. Powerful write!

  6. YES, YES, YES! You have to be true to yourself and love yourself or the world will drain you dry, and man will enslave you to do their bidding, caring only for his wants and needs, while your soul is slowly smothered and starved.

  7. The first and second stanzas of this are so strong–and feel so vindicating–not to mention the rest, especially the final line–no one is going to shush us again, woman! We worked too hard for the right to speak, feel, dream and live as our real selves. Love the Kahlo pic as well–she endured so much, yet the joy shines.

  8. I wish I had this. I have anger and riotousness, but I don’t have selfishness nor self love. I wish I could throw my head back and cackle, or grab someone by the balls like I used to.

    • Before we can grab anyone else’s balls and cackle (or giggle, depending on the balls *hehehe*), we need to be able to luxuriate in our own balls first. And the latter is more difficult than the former, methinks.

  9. Mmmm…yes!

    Fuck “selfish.” Or perhaps, I embrace it and pass the f-word on to those that balk at me deserving and needing to live for myself. I love better when I am selfish. I eat better, give more, laugh and scream and have better sex when I’m selfish. I’m better for the world when I’m better to myself.

    PS – you are amazing.

    • I’ve always thought that loving someone deeply takes a lot of well grown selfishness. We love because the feeling (or the thought of feeling loved by the object of our affections) makes us feel good. What’s more selfish (and delightful) than that?

      You, too, rocketh very mucho.

  10. Booger! I thought I commented already. I want to laugh along with the protagonist. As if any soul, man or woman, thought there was even a chance of making her meek. May as well go yelling at birds because they enjoy flying.

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